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  1. Zugbug

    Fisheries Lost

    I know I’m talking to the converted on this forum but having just posted on another thread mentioning apathy I got to thinking about the future of our sport, especially with the ageing demographic of fly fishers and the growth in all methods fisheries. As a club we’ve honoured every outing this...
  2. Zugbug

    First Otter

    After about 40 years fishing I saw my first otter on Saturday. The otter swam steadily out to my boat on Morton, disappeared from sight at the bow and then turned and swam slowly back to the jetty and disappeared under it. It was swimming slightly strange and I guess it had an injured leg. it...
  3. Zugbug

    Silicone or tacky fly box inserts

    Does anyone know where I can source tacky or decent silicone inserts for a fly box. My Wychwood double sided clear box has foam that can’t grip anything. I use it for barbless flies but a fair percentage of them fall out into the box every time it is touched, worse than useless. Thought I’d try...
  4. Zugbug

    Lintrathen booking

    Hi I’m struggling to make a club booking on Lintrathen for next season. I leave messages on their phone and have now sent 3 emails, only one response which put me on to another email, but no response there. We love the Loch and I’d be really grateful if someone could help out here, all other...
  5. Zugbug

    Chew/Blagdon accommodation question

    Hi I'm looking for help on accommodation for 8 anglers hoping to fish Chew and Blagdon next year. We used to go every year but bit by bit the pubs closed or reduced rooms. The Live and Let Live was first, then the Blue Bowl and more recently the Seymour Arms. With luck somewhere will have 4...
  6. Zugbug

    Get yersel to Lintrathen

    Thought I'd post after a cracking day at Lintrathen as I don't see too many posts about the place. We were on floaters all day today and had action literally everywhere we fished, the road shore is holding lots of bows, as is the middle of the loch in the area of the flagged buoys(aerator not...
  7. Zugbug

    Chew/Blagdon Accommodation

    Hi All, looking for some help re our annual trip to Chew/Blagdon. We need accommodation for 10 in 5 twin rooms, preferably in a pub or similar. We had to cancel last year's trip and move to Rutland as the Seymour Arms closed just before our visit. Over the years we started at the Live and Let...
  8. Zugbug

    Orkney boats/lochs

    Hi I'm visiting Orkney for a week end of May with fishing buddy and our wives. We should get 2 or 3 days afloat and I'd really appreciate advice on which loch(s) to visit, how to go about booking a boat on them and of course what flies for the lochs at that time of year. All help most welcome...
  9. Zugbug

    Rod holder for tackle box

    Hi Does anyone know where I can get hold of a rod holder to screw onto the side of my tackle box, for keeping the rod vertical when on the move boat fishing. See them everywhere but kept forgetting to ask folk last season.
  10. Zugbug

    Question on Long Island Bahamas

    I'm considering going to Long Island , 2 couples with my friend and I bonefishing. I'd really appreciate any info on the best place to stay and how to get there from Scotland. Then the best gear to take with us if we can't hire over there. Looks like Docky is the guide to use. Anything on Long...
  11. Zugbug


    Hi A dozen of us heading down to Rutland tomorrow for the week. Any reports on where it's fishing well, how well and what is really working there just now? Can't wait...............only one more sleep ;):guinness:
  12. Zugbug

    North Third

    Any reports on how North Third is fishing just now, flies, areas, quality of fish etc.? Not fished yet this year but hoping to go up soon and fish from boat. It's always been a top water and hoping this is still the case.
  13. Zugbug

    Captain Scarlet flies

    Thanks Carl for the flies. Recently received my order of flies from Carl, really top quality stripped quill buzzers and cdc hoppers, thoroughly recommend them and him. They've had a couple of swims and the troot love them as well.
  14. Zugbug


    It's a long time since I heard anything about Glensherrup, do you know how it's fishing. I believe Andy from Lindores took over, is it as good as Lindores was before the gill parasite problem? Z
  15. Zugbug


    Does anyone know if Beecraigs is open? If so how is it fishing? We're booked on it on Sunday but heard nothing since the draining.
  16. Zugbug


    Hi All I'm fishing here for the first time this weekend. Not a scooby about the place, size, depths, holding areas, flies etc. so any helpful advice would be appreciated. Z.
  17. Zugbug

    Kamasan Hooks

    Anyone on here or Trade page selling B170's 12 and 14? Looking for 100 of each, cost? Z
  18. Zugbug

    Piper Dam

    Any word on Piper Dam? Is it fishing well through this heatwave?
  19. Zugbug

    Linlithgow Loch

    Hi Am fishing Linlithgow on Saturday and any info on areas/lines/flies would be great. Anyone fished it recently? Z
  20. Zugbug

    World Championships

    I've not seen much on the upcoming World Championships so thought I'd kick off a thread. The best Scotland have done to date is a 4th place in Norway back in the early 90's, but this year should see that eclipsed. I have a feeling in my water that we (Scotland) will be right up there with a...