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  1. geordie41

    Snowbee Ranger breathable waders

    Anyone have any experience with them ?
  2. geordie41

    Danielsson Original fly reel

    Looking to buying myself one to go on a 10ft 4# rod , trying to decide between the Nymph or the Dry fly version . Anyone have either reel and or recommend which size reel would be best . Cheers Kris .
  3. geordie41

    Wanted A couple of dozen north Country spiders

    Looking for Some Barbless Mostly traditional North country spiders for fishing the Wharfe and other freestone rivers and streams in Yorkshire and the North East .
  4. geordie41

    Nymph rods

    Looking at buying the Hanak Czech Nymph X rod , anyone got one ? or any other recommendations for a long light rod . I’m looking for something to fish spiders ,nymphs and occasionally dry flies around or better still less than the same price of the Hanak which is around €235. Cheers fellas
  5. geordie41

    Vice recommendations

    I would like to start tying my own flies for the river , I know I’d be wanting a full rotary Vise with a base rather than a clamp , pointed jaws I understand are the way to go . I’m after a good quality Vise that I won’t need to replace in a year or two , I’m also looking for advice on what...
  6. geordie41

    Chadwick’s 477

    Spotted a “ for Sale “ Chadwick‘s 477 original 6 meter in length for $100 Au ( about 55quid) would anyone really pay that for a length of yarn ?
  7. geordie41

    Aluminium rod tubes.

    Any ideas on where I can get one from ?
  8. geordie41


    Just a heads up Beaver bushcraft has sheets of untreated Amadou for sale .
  9. geordie41

    Pocket knifes

    Anyone still carry one on the river ?
  10. geordie41

    Phoenix Silk fly line

    Outstanding! Simply the best fly line I’ve ever had. Beautiful finish, really small in diameter, excellent quality. Forget the Silk fly lines of old the Phoenix lines are pretty much ready to fish straight out the box . I’m sure the line will get more subtle with use as well. I’ve had silk...
  11. geordie41

    Hardy “Richard Walker” reservoir rod

    9ft3 7/8# 2 piece quality rod built by Hardy. In excellent condition, rod bag but no tube . Pick up Newcastle area £30.00 Happy to send photos to email address or phone. Cheers Kris.
  12. geordie41

    Hardy lightweight Mk V Centenary Bougle 3 1/2 inch + spare spool

    The reel has a British racing car green frame with a champagne coloured spool , currently set up for LHR . Made in Alnwick. Looking for £400.00 OBO which includes a extra spool ,pouches paperwork and boxes . Everything is in excellent condition. Happy to send photos to a email address or phone...
  13. geordie41

    How to transport multiple 2 piece rods in their tubes ?

    I have several 2 piece bamboo rods. Any suggestions on how to transport them safely in their tubes for example on flights. I’ve looked online,all I can find are for 4 piece rods or a single rod . I’ve spent a fair few quid on my rods and would like to be able to transport them safely. Any...
  14. geordie41

    Yano silk line

    Yano silk line 6# WF Yano are the best silk lines available to buy today . Made from the finest Japanese silk by a true master of his craft , this line is in perfect condition I just don’t have a use for a 6# so I’m offering it up for sale here for £130. That’s less than half price if you...
  15. geordie41

    Wanted a 3 inch spool for a Hardy St George

    For the heritage series, the last lot of St George reels . - - - Updated - - - Sorry for double post ,admin please delete.
  16. geordie41

    Wanted a 3 inch spool for a Hardy St George

    For the modern version of the reel in Black please
  17. geordie41

    Wychwood Source wading boots ?

    Anyone have experience with the them ,I’m looking at buying a pair but can’t find any reviews online .
  18. geordie41

    2 piece Woden wading staff

    A while ago I saw a post regarding a chap in Durham or somewhere in the North East who made 2 piece wading staffs . I can't find the post ,anyone able to provide a link ?
  19. geordie41

    32 compartment Wheatly fly box

    anyone got one in good condition they are looking to sell ?