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  1. Carlos

    Fishing Monnow on holiday

    I am staying in Penalt on the Wye. I have already booked next Wednesday at Skenfrith, which I am looking forward to. However I may also get the odd unexpected evening passes. Any other good spots I can book into?
  2. Carlos

    The Wandle - London

    Bit of a plug here. But a wonderful book never the less. The Wandle is London's very own chalk stream brought back to life by some wonderful people at the Wandle Trust. One of them has produced this fishing guide for it. Well worth a look: Fishing • Wandle Valley
  3. Carlos

    Dorset Small Streams

    I am staying Beaminster. Dorset, unlike Devon doesn't seem to have as much information. I was looking at the Sid and the Brit but can't find any information on fishing them. Any pointers or knowledge?
  4. Carlos

    Snowbee Vice with ball joint

    Anyone else got one of these? Apart from disappearing out of the window or buying an arc welder any suggestions on how to tighten the effing ball up! I'd sell it on here, but I just can't do it to some poor soul!
  5. Carlos

    Orvis Superfine vs Orvis Superfine

    I am now the proud owner of two Orvis Superfine rods. 1. The original 6'6" Glass #2 in two pieces in a cloth covered rod tube 2. The second (not latest) 6' #2 Carbon 4 piece in a posh metal tube with trimmings Totally different rods. The glass is a noodle, you can flick a line with a mere...
  6. Carlos

    Pitsford Pirate WF8 Floating Line

    As it says on the tin a new unused WF8 PP line. One of his originals before losing his status on here. I still fish with his lines to this day through SKB. SOLD
  7. Carlos

    Assorted Tapered Knotless Leaders

    I use silk braided leaders these days on small streams. So these have been tucked away in my old fishing bag in the store cupboard for a while. I have: 2 x 12ft 3x 5lb Fulling Mills 1 x 9ft 3x 5lb Caimore 4 x 9ft 3x 8.82lb Game Fishing Supplies 5 x 9ft 5x 4.29lb Game Fishing Supplies 1 x...
  8. Carlos

    Orvis BBS II

    I have a lightly used BBS II silver reel. Probably about 6 years old with about six uses. It comes loaded with a PP DT#4. Which I can remove if you prefer. Comes with the original Orvis reel case as well. It is not absolutely perfect as I seemed to have knicked the reel very slightly and it has...
  9. Carlos

    Wm Salter & Grandson Reel 2/4#

    Pretty little thing that has been in the bottom of my box for some time. Used a couple of times when I had a #3 weight. It is the original one with the ivory handle. So brand new with a PP ivory #3 DT on it. SOLD SOLD
  10. Carlos

    Gerry's of Wimbledon

    An end of an era has arrived. The complete fishing (and darts) shop is going, a sad day: However they are doing 30% off everything. Flyfishing was only a small part of their stock, but they have a few Greys rods and reels at 30% off...
  11. Carlos

    Low light Bi-focals

    I used to have a great pair of Snowbee yellow lensed bi-focals. But they don't appear to make them any more. Anyone got any recommendations for low light sunglasses, preferably bi-focal and of course polarised.
  12. Carlos

    Hardy Brochure

    Did anyone else have this on the door step this morning? Well with the approach of fathers day my wife thought she would peruse it so my little daughter could choose a present ............ until she saw the price list. Now she knows I have some hardy kit. So now I have spent the day fending...
  13. Carlos

    Orvis BBS II + PP #3 Ivory Floater

    One very good condition BBS II with it's pouch and an original PP #3 ivory floater. I bought this to go with a #3 rod I have sold. I think I probably used it a dozen times. It has a tiny dink on the reel and there is an obvious little bit of cosmetic rub on the black reel seat from attaching to...
  14. Carlos

    Thanks to Farlows

    I use Farlows quite a bit as it is a mere 5 minutes walk from my office. Always helpful and charming people and genuine fishermen as well (Charl for example). Anyway, took my damaged (me, rock and slip meant bent reel :omg:) Lamson Litespeed in. One week later they have mended my precious...
  15. Carlos

    Klinkhammer Hook

    Which hook do people think is best for the Klink'? I am thinking about presentation in the water. I see partridge do a specific hook, but I'd be interested in peoples view.
  16. Carlos

    ESPN / Sky / BT Sport

    Seems to me we are going to be the losers. Personally I am not a footie man .. can't stand the stuff ..... Bit I like to watch: 1. Cricket 2. Rugby Union & League 3. Tennis 4. Tight lines and bits and bobs of American football, cycling, Hurley, Darts etc. When it was Sky and the terrestials...
  17. Carlos

    Hoddom Castle - Annan

    Perfect luck can happen. We are staying in one of the chill pods at the caravan site. I didn't book my wifes friends did, their ancestral castle or something. So i'm allowed to fish. Yee hah. Any tips or pointers, the Annan report said the fishing was difficult. I'll look at the water today...
  18. Carlos

    Hardy - Feather Weight 7' #3

    SOLD PENDING USUAL ASSETT TRANSFERS I am not using this rod so it needs to go to a deserving home I bought this from Grommit around a year ago. I have used it less than 10 times I would say. Everything is complete and in perfect nick with only normal colouring on the cork. Just to confirm all...
  19. Carlos

    Beginning the season

    Jut pulled my game bag, jacket and a few things from the recesses of my boot. Didn't think it would take to long at 7pm to sort out. Just finished! How much stuff have I collected ..... packets of tapered leaders, flies, floatants, sinkants etc etc. Amazing. Well now I am organised ...... call...
  20. Carlos

    Annan Holiday

    What a result, my wife saw these on the website and booked us in for five days. No prompting, no knowledge other than it is actually her best friends ancestral home: Hoddom Castle and Caravan Park Of course I have arranged some additional things for me to do whilst the girls are busy :)...