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  1. morayflyfisher

    Taking pictures and then returning fish

    I dont know about others,but as I have got older(more grumpy lol)I do find it annoying seeing fish being hauled from the water and then man handled,as they dont just lie still while fighting for life out of its enviroment,just so an angler can then take a picture and then return it. No matter...
  2. morayflyfisher

    Millbuies Trout fishery

    Millbuies will be open for fishing as of the 30th May,Saturday.Sessions from 8.30am to 4pm and evenings 4.30pm to 9.30pm. Im not going to list loads of rules as its upto everyone to practice guidelines as instructed by Scots Gov and also your own common sense for your own protection and that of...
  3. morayflyfisher

    selling off stock due to retirement

    will be going on ebay instead.
  4. morayflyfisher

    New hobby

    Well with early retirement looming,it was great to see Bruce1 last week and for all his help.Now bought myself a new camera which will be a whole new learning but with time on my hands thats not going to be a problem. I enjoy taking pictures,they are not great but I hope to get better.Enjoy...
  5. morayflyfisher

    Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery moving on

    As some will probably know I will be retiring from the fishery at the end of this season.Its been a great part of my life for over 20 odd years but as we don't get any younger and health gets worse,its time to enjoy what I have left with my Grandchildren and have time to myself doing things I...
  6. morayflyfisher

    Unusual Butterfly

    Facebook Just wanted to share this picture of a butterfly I took today,never seen one of these before in all my life so it was great to see.Beautifull colours on it.Hope there is more about.
  7. morayflyfisher

    Lucky ,what a job

    On the way to work passed a Golden Pheasant,what a beauty,then 3 deer which are normally in the field into work a doe and her twins which have been there since last year,then a pheasant wandering near the lochs,mallards all paired up and nesting,a robin on the table outside the hut.Red squirrels...
  8. morayflyfisher

    Ticks in Feb?

    I normally start to treat for ticks at the start of April sometimes end of march due to the cold weather but it seems this unusal mild weather may have switched them on early as I found one on my dog yesterday. Horrible things,anyone else had any on their pets yet?
  9. morayflyfisher

    Changes over the years in fishing

    I have been fishing for well over 46 years now and seen a lot of changes.As its my business I watch trends,tactics,flies and much more.Even on rivers and wild lochs so its the whole package not just stillwaters. When I started I couldn't wait to go fishing up early and home late,Now adays,you...
  10. morayflyfisher

    Wild fisheries review? whats happened?

    After years of meetings and reviews and ideas given to the review,what has happened? Has anyone heard anything from it or has it just been filed under the heading of "Political exercise using taxpayers money" All the efforts members of the public who bothered to go and offer advice and ideas...
  11. morayflyfisher

    Knitsley Mill

    I'm sure some on here will know that information is being asked for by Billy at Knitsley for any leading to the mindless vandalisim from morons who poached and then burnt his newly built lodge and caravan to the ground. This is a mans livelihood and someone who has put a lot of money and effort...
  12. morayflyfisher

    Millbuies trout fishery

    Millbuies trout fishery After a good season at the loch its that time of year again where sadly we close for this season .Boats will be removed from the lochs so as they can get cleaned and tidied ready for next year. No doubts that this year highlights were the Brown trout they were in great...
  13. morayflyfisher

    Damage at Millbuies trout fishery by a sick person/s

    We are asking everyone for information,no matter how little or important you may feel it is,it could help. On the evening of Thursday 24th March and 25th March,between the hours of 8pm and 8am someone did damage to the boats at Millbuies Lochs.The person we believe may not be a local and some...
  14. morayflyfisher

    Help required for 2 veterans ?

    I know of 2 veterans who are looking for help with a basic tackle set up and casting instruction in Plymouth/Sw area. If there is anyone who can help with this would be great. Forgot to say,if the tackle requires paying for, then I will happily pay for this myself.
  15. morayflyfisher

    Is this what flyfishing is becoming? Please any info welcome

    Could you please be on the look out for anyone selling a rod ,reel and floating line which was taken from the fishery yesterday.The rod belongs to an 84 yr old gent who fishes here everyday and most will know who that is and how much his fishing means to him and to find it had been taken is...
  16. morayflyfisher

    Some pictures and videos from our cameras at the fishery. Some pictures and small video from our wildlife cameras at the fishery.
  17. morayflyfisher

    New ticket price added at the Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery.

    NEW,NEW. Starting on Monday 1st June 2015 we will be offering all OAP,s,students,Unemployed and Disabled a new ticket to help them experience flyfishing and maybe a new hobby.This ticket only applies to a Monday and not any other day and available ONLY to the above.You must supply proof of any...
  18. morayflyfisher

    2 day Fly tying event in june at the Glen of rothes trout and Coarse fishery with Flybox

    Fly box from Perth is to spend two days at the GLEN OF ROTHES fishery Ian Christie owner of fly box has some of the best fly tying material in the counrty and supplies 80% of the fisherys and shops across the uk.Signature tyers will be on hand to help budding tyers and try out what you tie on...
  19. morayflyfisher

    Publication of Wild Fisheries Reform: a response to the report of the Wild Fisheries Review

    Interesting for those interested in the future of fishing in Scotland and views on how it will be moving forward after the review. Will there or wont there be fishing rod licences in Scotland,who knows, you decide from what is contained in the paper. Other than this some good points on it...
  20. morayflyfisher

    Osprey back safe

    Great to see him back at the Glen of rothes trout fishery.Huge bird and struggled with this fish being submerged for a while but wasn't letting go.