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  1. goldenolive

    Its sedge o clock ...what do you tie on?

    A great time of the year! My favourite river caddis pattern would be the Devaux caddis. Just before the hatch when the pupa are being taken, I fish a duo set up of a g&h sedge with a pheasant tail nymph tied onto the bend of the sedge. When its pitch dark, I have had great fun skating a large...
  2. goldenolive

    Electric outboards on petrol boats

    Yes, I have on my my lough boat for chasing rising fish silently without using oars, it definitely gets me extra fish each year. I can also hold the boat over a pod of fish when its windy without using an anchor. my mates have theirs on the bow of the boat, the logic being its easier to pull the...
  3. goldenolive

    north country flies

    I like the Maruto D9626 that Lucian in Troutline sells. here is a phot of one of his spiders
  4. goldenolive

    Top 5 "Must Have" types of Stillwater lines for boat fishing?

    I mainly fish shallow loughs in Ireland From top of the water down. WF8 White stretchy Shakespeare omni floater. WF 7/8 Airflo 6ft Slow tip WF8 Lee Wulff predator - 12ft clear fast midge tip WF8 Rio Camolux fast intermediate (or Airflo 40+ clear fast intermediate) WF 7/8 Airflo 40+ Di5 for (...
  5. goldenolive

    sage ignitor 10 for 7 weight or 6 trout rod

    I Have both the Sage X and Igniter in 7wt. The Igniter is an out and out distance rod, very powerful. I very rarely use the iginter, its good on windy days, striking fish when fishing deep on sinking lines and setting the hook when using the bung at distance. There is very little flex and its...
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    Black mamba
  7. goldenolive

    Tying perdigons

    I use medium pardo feathers. The first time I started tying them I got a whiting farms tailing pack like this When I used up this pack, I bought a whiting coq de leon cape from Pat Nolan, premier angling supplies for 55 eur. Enough feathers to last a lifetime.
  8. goldenolive

    Tying perdigons

    Gary is spot on, if you apply and set a coat of uv on the perdigone first then the black will apply better and not leach into the dressing. I used to use a black sharpie to make the the black thorax dot, now instead of a sharpie I use a small dot of black rimmel 60 second varnish. When this...
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    Sold now.... Thanks
  10. goldenolive

    Wading Staff - What Has Worked For You

    I use a Sharpes wading staff and its superb, I wish I had bought this first time out it would have been cheap in the long run! As its my 4th staff. I splashed out on the simms folding staff and it didn't last due to corrosion on the internal wire cord. I also found it too light in heavy Current...
  11. goldenolive

    Plume Tip dressing

    As Rob says I too like to use a heavier hook to get the fly to sit vertical instantly, to compensate on a 16 I would use 3 feathers but I always clip the stiff stem out of the feather tip, it helps prevents the fly spinning. by clipping out the tip of the cdc feathers I can make a dense wing...
  12. goldenolive

    Sage one 7100-4 10’ #7

    The 9ft 5wt is an absolutely superb 5wt and is also one of my all time favourite rods, I desperately regret trading it in for a sage igniter.
  13. goldenolive

    Sage one 7100-4 10’ #7

    I would say if the rod has been well minded then It would be a good buy at 300. I have had three of the 10ft 6wt sage ones and they were very good, I cast the 7wt and it was very powerful and more suited to 8wt lines.
  14. goldenolive

    All round line

    Cortland 444
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    In Delphi Generally your day is split into two, half day on the river and half day on which ever lough you choose ( Finlough in front of the lodge produces the bulk of the fish, especially the drift along the road shore down past the pier, there is doolough which is mainly a trolling lough...
  16. goldenolive

    Stillwaters: Fishing a team of dry flies?

    I would generally only use a large fly on the dropper as a sighter when I am fishing a very small dry fly on the point. I had good success this season fishing a size 10 shuttlecock on the dropper and a small size 16 shuttlecock on the point. Another time I use a sighter is when I am fishing a...
  17. goldenolive

    Your best 3 flies

    Trout river nymphs Black pheasant tail with silver bead (frenchie) Red neck pheasant tail ,copper bead Czech thread fly, various bead colours. Trout river dries Klinkhamer Petitjean mp81 red baron. Comparadun Trout reservoir Cormorant Quill buzzer Shuttlecock Trout reservoir lure Candy booby...
  18. goldenolive

    Euro nymphing set up..

    I have two simple setups. One is a 11ft rio euro nymph leader attached to the end of my flyline. The other method is half a spool of rio indicator nylon from my flyline to a 2mm riverge leader ring. On both setups I add suppple tippet such as stroft gtm as I found the flies swim very naturally.
  19. goldenolive

    Sage reel handle knob problem

    I can also recommend Guideflyfishing. They were very helpful when I needed a clicker for my sage 3100 fly reel.
  20. goldenolive

    Sold...........Dyna-King L-Shape Vice Extension

    Sold.... sold Sold I have a Dyna-King L-Shape Vice Extension for sale. Bought and used a couple of times when I had a dynaking.