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  1. benisa

    Beat that.

    sounds like a cooking course !
  2. benisa

    Beat that.

    bet it took a while to land it on 4lb tippet
  3. benisa

    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    with modern technology which will be out dated the soonest ?
  4. benisa

    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    I need to get one of these modern day things !
  5. benisa

    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    Its OK to view on line but you can,t ( unless it gets really silly money ) to have mag just laying there on the table etc and pick it up for a quick read
  6. benisa


    See Aldi have got on there special deals a lamp which is great for the Fly Tying boys grab it while you can at £19.99
  7. benisa

    MRA Auction XIV Lot 6: A Day on a Chalk Stream with Malcolm Anderson

    looks nice but : nice to know where it is that you are fishing
  8. benisa

    Rivers Well Travelled

    One link for you to Know the Man in Question
  9. benisa

    Breathable Waders

    on our water they have a few gates etc to climb over used to have same thing so next time out I took some pipe lagging + grip ties and put them over the wire still there now , many other members have thanked me for it
  10. benisa

    Rivers Well Travelled

    Look at that lovely Grayling in the above picture just waiting for one of us to catch him But if those Buggers get there teeth/craws into him By By Mr Grayling So sorry to say Shot the Buggers !
  11. benisa

    Rivers Well Travelled

    Thing is that they are taking fish from the stock ponds/lakes both where you are Catch + kill + Catch realise and for a small fishery owner in this now Cov time it can eat a Big hole into there pocket
  12. benisa

    March Browns

    great fly, i did very well with them start season on the Usk
  13. benisa

    Orvis Girls

    check out this Lass " Maddie Brenneman "
  14. benisa

    Rivers Well Travelled

    Think Cormorants are Big Problem be it on Stocked fishing lakes or the river and they are not going go away so it needs be sorted In Bosnia they have Otters swimming with the fish and have no problem : yes they get there teeth into the fish but still seems a good...
  15. benisa

    Fly reel choice

    for me a lite speed lamson