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    Thank you and goodbye......

    As our time on the forum draws to a close, we would like to make this our last post on the forum. For nearly 5 years we have sold materials on the forum, we have never had any complaints and were all ways highly recommended by various members on the forum. We would like to thank everyone that...
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    Last of our stock to clear

    ALL SOLD Many thanks, Regards, Ed & Fiona
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    Kayak wanted - touring / sea

    Has anyone got a kayak for sale? River and coastal touring/sea kayak, in the region of 11ft-15ft - plastic preferred to glass and not too far away from Cheltenham, unless you can arrange delivery. Please PM.
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    Last of our Brass beads

    All Brass Beads Sold Thanks We have the last of our stock of Painted brass beads and anodised brass beads to give away at £5.00 per 100 inc postage. Please see the list below for stock availability. Green 2.4mm x Green 3.8mm x Fire Red 2.4mm x Fire orange 2.4 x White 2.4mm x Gold 2.4mm...
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    tying tools

    All Full sets sold Tiemco tools Ring style hackle pliers £5.00 each posted last 3 left Spinning style hackle pliers £15.00 each posted last 2 left We still have some Curved blade twissors, micro tip scissors and whip finish tools left which we can make up for smaller kits at £9.00 per set...
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    Last of our tungsten beads

    All Sold Thanks 1.5mm Pink countersunk x 500 XXSoldXX 2mm Pink countersunk x 200 XXSoldXX 1.5mm Gold countersunk x 300 XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Red countersunk x 700 XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Black nickel countersunk x 300XXSOLDXX 1.5mm Copper countersunk x 300 XXSOLDXX Pleas feel free to ask for discount on...
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    clearance lots

    All stock to clear. Fulling mill Hayabusa hooks, 50 hooks per packet £4.00 each packet 2x size 14 comp heavyweights(b175 equiv) 3x size 16 comp heavyweights(b175 equiv) 1x size 10 super sedge (b420eqiv) 7x size 16 super sedge (b420eqiv) 4x size 8 bronze super heavyweight grub(b110 equiv) 3x...
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    Bundles of stock to clear

    Well thats us closed and we still have loads of stock left. we have decided to do mixed bundles some of which would suit commercial tyers or fly tying clubs. First load of 10 mixed bags are as follows Bag 1 A mix of marabou/fritz/sparkle/zonkers and perfect rubber £26.00 posted Bag 2 mix of...
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    Winston BIIt 8' 4wt

    Vision Cult 8' 4wt I have an 8ft 4wt Vision Cult for sale (NOT a Winston BIIt... can't edit the title), with tube. In perfect nick, with just a little use visible in the cork. Pictures are on eBay (where it's listed for £145.00 plus postage). £125.00 delivered. Paypal GIFT or bank transfer...
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    Ref Pm's and apology

    To all members, First I would like to apologise for not being able to get on to the forum properly in the last few weeks, Ed has been in to hospital and had the first of possibly 3 operations to try and fix his wonky knee so it has been hectic looking after him along with the 2 kids. I...
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    More sale items

    We have added more sale items to our facebook page which you can view via the link.
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    Closing down sale part 2

    Closing down sale part 2---- limited stock available We have the following for sale at £2.50 each pkt or mixed 5 for £10.00 Perfect rubber-- bright yellow fluo fluo pink orange chartreuse Wiggle legs-- black with hot orange tips sun yellow with hot orange tips Zonker strips £2.50 each or 5...
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    Closing Down sale items

    Sale items---- Cdc 2 grams--£4.50 both colours avail Cdc 4 grams--£8.50 both colours avail Cdc 10 grams--£20.00 both colours avail Booby eyes £1.25 per pkt or 5pkts for £5.00 colours&sizes avail-- White 3.5mm &7.5mm Orange 3.5mm,5mm&7.5mm Chartreuse/lime green 3.5mm,5mm&7.5mm Yellow...
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    Please read

    It is with great sadness that we have the following announcement to make. Ford’s Fly Tying Materials will cease trading on Tuesday 30th September. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our customers that have purchased materials from us over the last 4 ½ years. It is a...
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    Winston BIIt 8' 4wt - cheap!

    I have a Winston BIIt 8ft 4wt for sale for SOLD AND POSTED plus a tenner, special delivery. MINT blank and slightly darkened cork. Pics on ebay, where it's listed at £295.00 plus P&P. I have two of these and a Vision Cult in the same spec. and can't justify it as a back-up. I'd rather someone...
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    Nikon / Voigtlander lenses wanted

    If anyone has the following for sale, please PM: Nikon 85mm f1.8G Nikon 50mm f1.8G Nikon 35mm f2.0D Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f2 SL-II (Nikon mount) Must be mint/near mint condition and preferably boxed. Thanks.
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    Hardy St George

    Has anyone got a 3" Hardy St George to sell? Must be mint-ish, or a very nicely patinated vintage one. Please PM.
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    McFarland Glass - Spruce Creek 7'9" 3/4wt

    Winston BIIt 8ft 4wt Okay, sorry to muck about, but this is once again for sale. McFarland Spruce Creek Yellow Glass 7'9" 3/4wt in mint condition. Just displays the usual discolouring of the cork and a slight nick on the reel insert, to be hidden by the reel. SOLD FOR £325.00
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    Fishing at De Montford Bridge, Evesham

    Can anyone tell me what sort of fishing is permissible adjacent to De Montford bridge, Evesham? Looks like a lovely spot for coarse fishing. Either way, how/where would I get a permit? Thanks.
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    Winston GVX Select offer - heads-up

    Just a little heads-up if anyone's interested in a new 7'6" 3wt Winston. This little 7'6" 3wt GVX is a peach of a rod - every bit as nice as the BIIt and cheaper - like the BIIt without the boron, but who needs the power of boron in a little rod like this? NEW $545 WINSTON GVX SELECT 376-4...