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    Sold now.... Thanks
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    Sold...........Dyna-King L-Shape Vice Extension

    Sold.... sold Sold I have a Dyna-King L-Shape Vice Extension for sale. Bought and used a couple of times when I had a dynaking.
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    Stonfo Tool bar and Stonfo Elite Bobbin Rest/Parachute Tool

    Sold...... I have the Stonfo Tool bar and Elite bobbin rest/parachute tool. Both have been used a couple of times. Fits both 3/8" and 10mm Vise stems.
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    Sold..Marryat Tactical pro Nymph special

    SOLD. MARRYAT Tactical Pro nymph special. 10ft6" 3wt. Good used condition, couple of scratches on the butt of reel seat, ive tried to get them in the pics. Superb nymphing rod. Pm me if you need any more info. £290 including postage
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    Shaping a Marryat fly rod grip

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for advice on reducing the size of the grips on my Marryat tactical pro rods. The grips are on the large size and I much prefer slimmer grips on my river rods for comfort and sensitivity when nymphing. Is it possible to reduce the thickness of my grips while they are still...
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    Greys GR70 Streamflex fly rod. 9ft 5wt

    I am selling my Greys GR70 Streamflex 9ft 5wt fly rod. Its mint condition. £90 Photos here more info here
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    Dyna-King Professional Vice

    I have decided to sell my Dyna-King Professional Vice. Condition is excellent. £ 180 D99853-FD-5-A63-4978-893-C-95387-B0365-EC — 79-BDC5-A9-DB70-40-BD-A24-D-03-C9-A1-E9972-B — D9-BB072-A-B3-A4-4011-99-B9-880-E6-F1-C7145 —
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    Daiwa Lexa Fly Fishing Rod 10ft 7weight - Still Water Special

    I have my Daiwa Lexa 10ft 7wt stillwater special for sale. Ive used it twice, its mint. I've managed to get a replacement section for my 7wt G.Loomis Glx, hence the sale of my Daiwa. I can send photos via email. £150 SOLD.........................................
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    Two GHOST semi automatic fly reels for sale

    I have two GHOST semi automatic fly reels for sale as it's the end of the trout fishing season. Both fly reels have been used once. £225 each John.
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    Maxia mx4 10'2" 0wt

    no longer for sale.
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    Maxia mx4 10'8" 2wt

    I have a MAXIA MX4 10'8" 2WT for sale as it's the end of the trout season. The rod is as new. £315 John
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    Ari T Hart - Traun F1 fly reel

    Sold..... I've decided to sell my Traun F1 fly reel. It's suited to a 3/4/5 fly line. (Wf5 + 35 Yards of 20lb backing). Made in Holland , early model. Serial number 1004. Left hand wind. Original case included. Pm me if you would like any more info or photos. £275
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    SAGE 504L Reel for sale

    SOLD.......... I have decided to sell my Sage 504L reel. It was a match for my Sage LL fly rod. This reel was briefly produced by Hardy Bros. in England for Sage It is currently set up for left hand wind and can be easily changed for right hand retrieve. These reels are very collectible now...
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    SAGE LL 389 for sale

    SOLD...................... I have decided to put my Sage Light Line rod up for sale. its the 8ft9" 3wt. absolutely brilliant rod, reviews all over the internet about this model. I am asking for £265. The LL is a collectors item now, regularly fetching over £300 on ebay. Jonathan uses the same...
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    Wanted - G Loomis GLX fly rod . 9ft6 7wt

    If anyone is selling a 9ft6" 7wt GLX rod or any sections for the rod, I would be interested in buying them. My 4 piece GLX broke this week on the second section from the butt. The break is just above the first stripper guide.
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    Lee wulff predator fly line - Wanted.

    Got what I was looking for thanks to a good friend. Cheers
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    Fly line SWAP

    I have an Airflo 40+ clear intermediate & 40+ Di5 for swap. Both lines are WF7 & are in excellent condition. Im interested in swapping for an Airflo Slow Glass & Airflo Mid Glass in WF7/8
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    Airflo 40+ clear intermediate - wf7

    Sold now....... This one.