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    I recognise those scenarios and there's some truth in them, I read Deakin's Waterlog many years ago, it's a good book and I enjoy his work but I saw the implications arising from it and lo, here we are. There's too much to lose if clubs and riparian owners don't challenge the principles...
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    I'm a fun loving guy but I'd like to think my fun doesn't detract from someone else's. A couple of crocodiles would have livened that film up immensely ;)
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    'Extinct' caddisfly Limnephilus Pati found in Outer Hebrides

    From the Scottish Herald - good to know we haven't completely wiped out this species -,for%20more%20than%20100%20years.
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    I don't buy that, the laws are there. Join Fish Legal, stand up for clean waters, prosecute polluters. Either that or you'll see what happened to Llanishen Reservoir, the water where I learned fly fishing, rewritten in reservoirs all over the country, angling banned, every other water sport...
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    My nearest chapel coincidentally :p Llys y Fran is my local res, I've fished it for years and I've watched the proceedings there with a deepening sense of dread, I used to love the place, part of its charm is its remote location, there's no traffic noise at all, it's very peaceful. From my...
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    Sod 'em, they can all go down the beach. I don't want a crowd of people swimming when I fish a reservoir any more than a golfer wants to compete with a football game on their course. Terrible idea, another dent in the chance to have a day on the water and finding a bit of peace and quiet away...
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    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    Literary criticism at its best (y)
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Our work is complete :)
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    Scoop net recommendations

    I've got one of the Leeda scoop nets, it's good enough alright but carries an inbuilt disadvantage as far as displaying your catch goes, it makes every fish look like it's trapped in the gusset of large pair of knickers.
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Having been told Wales didn't have a hope in hell of winning any of the past three matches which they subsequently won let's hope averages has it as wrong as the previous pundits :cool: Any idea of when France is back in the tournament ?
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    Shrimp help.

    On the Rhymney something like this would do well, size 16 or 14 with a gold bead hare's ear on the point -
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    A few photos of the streams and rivers of North East Victoria, Australia.

    Snakes 🥶 I'd be very apprehensive of treading on one of Australia's super-venomous if I was out there, have you seen any? Interesting discussion on the risk of snake encounters associated with trout fishing here -...
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    A bed's fine with me A bed's pretty good too :cool:
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    River Taff, Cardiff

    Not 100% but pretty sure Taff Bargoed AA have that, £70 / year + their lake
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    Is it all about the numbers???

    That's disappointing, I've fished that area a couple of times in the 80s and plan to return to Ballyconneely for a break.
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    A couple of local farms have peacocks on the loose, one by a fishing club car park. Years ago my mate returned to his car, the reflective metallic paint had fooled the peacock into attacking it to the point that there was blood all over the door panels on one side, it had smashed itself up in...
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    Cheers Del (y) Scrum V was pretty good too, worth a watch when it's available on BBC I player
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    A great day in Wales today, sunny, warm and the news absolutely full of discussions on our latest win. St David's Day tomorrow and the trout season opens on Wednesday, what a beautiful time to be alive and how lucky we are to be around to enjoy it.
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    6 Nations , Gateway to the trout season

    We won the Triple Crown today. Just saying :cool: