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    Bird of the day

    Plenty of time kill so how about a bird per day thread? What you can see in your garden or on your walk. To kick off here's one from the dog walk. Could have pictured a male hen harrier today, but only had seconds to get a shot.
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    WBT in Llyn's, lakes. loughs and Loch's 2020 - that sort of thing!

    Opening day today on the local Loch's that allow Sunday fishing. Luckily for me just outside the front door more or less. Temp was showing 7 degrees but the Northerly made it feel like zero. The plan was to bob down with my new bloke Xl50 5wt, catch one then straight back home to get warm. Set...
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    Late pups

    Decided to take the dog for a walk today to an old herring fishing inlet near home. Was surprised to see seal pups on the beach; seems quite late? About eight, half with white fur. Mum off fishing somewhere. Dog not best pleased having to remain on the lead.:)
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    Daiwa seat box

    Found this old seat box on a job the other week. I'm contemplating cutting the top tray in half? As my instinct is telling me it would be useful to get to the bottom of the box while having the tray still in place. So the question is should I? Does anyone use one of these boxes as it is now.
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    5/6 weight reel

    Looking for a 5/6 weight reel with at least 2 spare spools.
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    Cheaper compnents

    I know this is probably counter to the ethos of the self build but I was wondering if anyone had any good or bad experiences with using cheaper components. Looking on ebay I can buy 2 ready made handles and 2 reel seats for £14 total. Also see 2 x fuji copys for about £3. Talking to Steve Parton...
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    Geese moving

    Good numbers of geese going south through Caithness today. Just been out with the dogs and seen a skein silhouetted against the moon.:thumbs:
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    Limpet ate my fly line.

    I doubt there are enough numbers of bass in Caithness to make targeting them on fly viable, but another thread has made me to give it a go. I've pin pointed 2 locations as most likely and I'll give them a couple of chucks each in the next few weeks. The sea trout ran last week, but there's still...
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    Off the mark

    Finally managed a fish today of 7lb. Then managed another at 6lb an hour later. Both cock fish purpling up. First fish took pity on me by having the good grace to swim into the net.:thumbs: Better late than never.
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    The view from work today

    Working at a caithness lighthouse today saw a pod of dolphins coming through. Only had the point and shoot so the pics in the sunlight are a bit iffy. I think these are 'risso'?
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    Gareth Bale

    Just read that Gareth is wanted by the Chinese at £1,000,000 a week? How I long for the days when Brian Clough sent Trevor Francis to the chip shop.
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    Bad nest sites

    Saw this today while fishing down the salmon river. Not sure if you can see the nest? but that wee piece of grass in between the barb and the river where the nest is is means every angler has to step over the eggs. Unfortunately she nested during a dry spell - for her sake lets hope there's no...
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    Man Utd

    Come on Utd said the Liverpool fan. Tonight for the first (and probably last) time I will be willing to participate in a Utd victory. (No emoji covers this feeling!)
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    Joey Barton

    If fans are getting lifetime bans from grounds surely Mr Barton will be getting one of these if found to have behaved in a similar manner?
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    Male hen harrier

    Just saw a male hen harrier make a clumsy attempt at some lapwings. I did have the camera in the boot of the car (wrong lens on though) so I just decided to enjoy the spectacle of the other lapwings mobbing it. Not seeing many laps, curlews or oyster catchers locally this year.
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    Dog diuretics

    Old boys getting on a bit and has a heart condition. Vet has him on cardisure and a diuretic costing about £70 per month. I was wondering if any body has used aqua ban from boots as a diuretic? Or if they have used anything else. Aqua ban costs about £2.50 for a month if it can be used?
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    Red Kite

    Saw a red kite today just outside Brora. First one I've seen in a while; not sure how many are left in the highlands?
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    kelt numbers

    Been out twice now, on two separate rivers. Spoken to quite a few anglers and we all have the same experience; kelt numbers have dropped off a cliff. I was not fishing the last time we had a dry spell like last year so have nothing to really compare it with. I'm thinking in 4 -5 years time there...
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    Salmon 3 Fitted Kitchen 0

    So I said to the customer I appreciate you want the kitchen finished on your holiday cottage for guests next Thursday but what you don't seem to understand is theres been a spate and the rivers bloody perfect today.:) Three salmon to the net and two lost today. I expect she will want handles...
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    Saw a kestrel a few days back. First one I've seen in about 4 years in the far north. I guess the days of getting bored counting numerous kestrels on motorway journeys are gone. Just wondered how these little hunters are doing further south?