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    Lately I've been trying Xink to help sink my tippet. Normally I would use a mud mix, Fullers Earth etc. Because I use a high maintenance dry fly solely of CDC, using silica powder gets onto the tippet making it float. I used Xink last week, only a slight smear on the tippet without much success...
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    Spurs only gone and done it ......... again.

    First Liverpool with a dramatic comeback, now Spurs on "away goals rule" .......... again! :rolleyes: First against Man City and now against Ajax. An all English final .............................. in Madrid. Shame about allocation of tickets.
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    Bird numbers in decline and no wonder with this happening.

    Why are nets appearing over trees and hedges? - BBC News I've known mature trees taken down by developers without consent or planning permission, slap on wrist and a fine which is peanuts to them. Now this!!!!!!!! No legislation in place either. :mad:
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    Grayling Box

    Latest project finished, bit late I know as season nearly over.:omg: This one's been best so far size 18 with 2mm bead: Curved hook. Pink thread. Tail speckled grey partridge fibres. Body stripped peacock herl dyed claret. Speckled grey partridge hackle. Pink anodised bead. This one I just...
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    New Fishing Buddy.

    Out in the river today and met a new fishing buddy. I've met him a few times before but only at a distance, today he decided to join me. He's a quiet type and didn't say much, but the fishing was also a bit quiet. He was happy for me to take a few pics (until battery went flat :omg:).
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    Pink Grub.

    Pink grub, simple and the smaller the better. Size 18 with 2mm bead has worked best for me on a dropper. YouTube
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    Grey Nymph

    Works all year round for both trout and grayling. Tie in different sizes from 14s to 22s with beads to match. I use beads in black nickle or painted black. I also tie unweighted ones. YouTube This will be boring, no back ground. :doh:
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    Parachute Dun dry fly

    A good early river dry fly on size 14 hook with purple thread for when large dark olives are out. Tied on size 16 and smaller with yellow thread for small olives. YouTube
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    CDC Dun dry fly

    For those that like soft hackled dries, nothing softer than CDC: YouTube
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    CDC Balloon or Bubble dry fly. Great on the rivers.

    This has taken some 12 hours to do. :omg: I'm now also bald. :ohno: YouTube
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    CDC and Parachute Duns.

    I've been using CDC dries for quite a while but early and late season I use a parachute dry for any duns that might be about. In have tied some CDC duns but rarely used them. :omg: They need a lot care to keep them afloat and looking good, paras don't and are more robust (well I think so...
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    Ouch! Tales of falling, slipping and sliding.

    After just reading the latest post by fishing hobbo and bobnudd in the 2018 grayling thread, I thought how about a thread devoted to trips and falls. :ohno: I've had a few, most at the same river venue. :o I've slipped down the banking going head first into the river, only saved by a very wet...
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    River Flies For The Year

    I don't need anything else for the little river I fish, these will cover the entire year for trout, grayling and even the odd perch. ;) I would normally use natural colours for wing posts on the paras, grey, white. But can be difficult to spot at times. :cool:
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    Lady Boys or Chasing pheromones!

    Strangely just after posting a reply on a thread, I had a little think (I've now got headache :omg:). Are we changing sex or just trying to get those pheromones that women have that catch the big fish? As fly fishers and fly tiers we use such female articles as: Nail varnish. Ladies stocking or...
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    Brown with ring

    Caught a small brown today from the river. Nothing unusual apart from it having a plastic ring round it's middle. :eek: Now I've seen photos of similar situations, usually those plastic rings that hold 4 packs and such. Usually the fish is squeezed or pinched in the middle. This was a much more...
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    Replacing Amadou

    I need to replace a Amadou patch which i have so what do you use to attach it to leather holder? The present one seems to have been glued, so what Glue? Cheers in advance. :thumbs:
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    A First in 38 Years of Fly Fishing.

    Out on a club res yesterday in the heat. :omg: Plenty of fly life and was getting landed on and walked over by alder flies. :eek: There has been discussion as to whether trout like the adult alder! :( What I've read and doing many marrow spooning of tapped trout I was of the opinion of No, trout...
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    Cute, then perhaps not!

    Man captures video of being chased by an otter - BBC News
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    Did I Do Right?

    Out after the ladies today, very quiet with low water levels and this afternoon turned out quite bright. Anyway, working my up one part of the river I noticed a commotion in the water. At first I thought it a very good fish. I soon came to realise that it was infact a female mink. :eek: I got to...
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    2 small fly boxes

    Well only a week to go, I'm feeling festive (but tell the wife :eek:) and seeing as nothing (well not much) has been done for this festive season of 2016 I thought I would put 2 small fly boxes up for grabs with highest bids to Let's Tackle Cancer. Both boxes contain river flies. First is...