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  1. doobrysnatcher

    lightwoodcock 14

  2. doobrysnatcher

    little dark watchet 14

    size 14 body pearsalls orange floss touch dubbed with mole rib pearsalls purple silk hackle coot upperwing covert
  3. doobrysnatcher

    dark moorgame 14

  4. doobrysnatcher

    14 orangepartridge

  5. doobrysnatcher

    size 12 kates muddler

  6. doobrysnatcher

    olive may muddlers 12

    a few i did tonight
  7. doobrysnatcher

    bibio 12

    bibio muddler 12
  8. doobrysnatcher

    sunburst and duck variant12 and 10

  9. doobrysnatcher

    my design THE KIWI

    heres two im working on the first 1 a KIWI
  10. doobrysnatcher

    nymphs pts

    ive tried and tried and tried on rivers but these patterns are really doin my head i never seem to catch on them any advice on fishing them ? i try to cast upstream to allow them to sink i let them drift down and across like a wet fly i pause and lift them at the end of a drift .yet the most...
  11. doobrysnatcher

    how to fish dam rivers

    ive tried to go fishing 3 times this week on my local river each time was a wasted journey as the river was flooded to capacity by water released by the electricity supply board and now im thinking what if these waters could be fished what set up as it will be from a bank in high deep fast...
  12. doobrysnatcher

    jointed mayfly size 12

    jointed may fly size 12 tail pheasant tail body ptfe back and green sf front ribs brown thread back and globrite 4 front hackle olive cock palmered on sf only in front front hackle french partridge yellow (should be picric)
  13. doobrysnatcher

    emerging duckfly

  14. doobrysnatcher

    claret octopuss

  15. doobrysnatcher

    claret partridge 12

  16. doobrysnatcher

    patsy deerys simple spent may

  17. doobrysnatcher

    corrib yellow mayfly variant

  18. doobrysnatcher

    corrib green mayfly

  19. doobrysnatcher

    wesleys spent

    some thing a little different for me tonight spent wings tail black pheasant tail rib black silk body plumbers ptfe tape wings black cock hackle natural grizzle hooks 10 12
  20. doobrysnatcher

    green peter

    when my oh goes to bed tonight im going to tie a green peter what is your favourite dressing reciepe i already have the standard one but im looking for some thing more exotic with my available materials ,any suggestions on a reciepe would be appreciated