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  1. taffy1

    Shotgun/firearm certificates.

    Under current circumstances, anyone due for a renewal?
  2. taffy1

    A rod licence...

    My rod licence renewal is due mid-April & the current state of affairs with the Covid-19 outbreak dictates it may well not be replaced as of yet. What are you lads & lasses considering?
  3. taffy1

    Asian imports & what else?

    Just been reading the Maxcatch threads & such-like, ie. receiving imports from Asia & the like. I wonder what else may have been despatched unsuspectingly along with the knock-down priced goodies?
  4. taffy1

    Bargains galore...

    Received my 2020 Snowbee catalogue earlier today. There are some very decent bargains advertised on the accompanying leaflet ranging between 40% - 75% discount on various items, rods, reels, waders, clothing etc.
  5. taffy1

    Guess what...?

    Tippets.... YouTube
  6. taffy1

    Another theory...

    Does this explain the reason for other rivers throughout the UK? Link:- Climate change: Wales' salmon population 'at risk' - BBC News
  7. taffy1


    A Happy New Year to each & everyone, YouTube Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Pob Un. :grouphug:
  8. taffy1

    January sales.

    Just a "head's-up" Received an email earlier from Garry Evans. Sale items:- January SALE
  9. taffy1

    You know you want to...

    Aww....goan,goan, goan. A famous quote from a Mrs. Doyle that appeared in an Irish priest's sitcom. Anyway, the point (challenge) is for anybody to post a topic that won't deviate from the original post over this festive season.....(tippets & nylon excluded)
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    There's a stewpond pretty close to me that actually lets you fish there on Christmas Day (if you decide to turn up)..... Who's Scrooge? The angler or fishery owner...
  11. taffy1

    Ben eh.

    Congratulations Ben Stokes on winning the BBC 2019 award for SPOTY. Been sometime since a cricketer won the award.
  12. taffy1


    One by Stefano Farkas.... Santa (his interpretation).
  13. taffy1

    How many...?

    We've all heard the jokes about how many blonds etc does it take to change a light bulb. Well, how many anglers does it take to renew a leader? Can it actually be calculated? Which material, diameter, abrasion resistance, breaking strain, X rating, etc. etc.
  14. taffy1

    Mono & tippet threads...

    With these being the current "hot" topic, which have the best knotting strengths/advantages & what's the best knot? This is what Google offers The Best Fishing Knots Of All Time [Ranked Strongest To Weakest] Any opinions?
  15. taffy1

    So, what does it really boil down to?

    Quantity, size or difficulty? As an angler, which category are you in? I do mine blindly, under the cover of darkness so it's pot-luck... :thumbs:
  16. taffy1

    In angling terms...?

    As per the heading, what item of tackle, be it rods, reels, lines, tippet, waders, wading jackets etc. etc. would you say is the mutts nuts? For myself it has to be my Atom-Six Tachyon rod (it's a 10' #7 for salmon/sea trout)
  17. taffy1

    A bit late.

    See the Welsh football team managed to scrape through to next year's Euro finals campaign by beating Hungary 2 nil in Cardiff, losing semi-finalists in the last campaign. Maybe Ryan Giggs knows a bit about the circular ball.
  18. taffy1

    Great for winter.

    I've got one.... YouTube
  19. taffy1


    So, who is on whose Christmas card list this coming Festive Season? (answers on a postcard or the head of a pin?)
  20. taffy1

    Old materials.

    Reading an article on another website My oldest piece of material | Global FlyFisher | I have a dried hare skin, which I have owned for as long as I have tied flies. A lot of flies and a lot of wisdom has come from that skin. I started thinking about some of the stuff I've got here. I've...