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  1. ohanzee

    house sparrows

    One of my earliest memories is the sound of house sparrows, they were possibly the most common thing around, millions of them, then at some point, not sure when, they vanished and became a pretty rare sight. Yesterday I woke to the racket of a colony of them that descended on the garden, the...
  2. ohanzee

    Who deserves a spanky new free rod?

    Posted this in general fly fishing because this is where most beginners ask 'what rod' questions. I think there are more deserving than me out there, so most compelling answer gets the prize from the caption competition, which is an account with Allen Angling with cash in to buy, forget how...
  3. ohanzee

    $300 Alllen Angling voucher for LTC

    $300 voucher to spend at Allen fly fishing - for the winning bid, proceeds to Lets Tackle Cancer. And..bidding has begun at £50..Al, Speytime, many thanks for kicking that off.:thumbs:
  4. ohanzee

    Advice on this please

    Due to being incredibly witty I have won the caption contest twice, $150 x 2, so $300 voucher for Allen Angling, LTC is a more worthy cause than me so can someone with a bit more experience of donating things help with this bit? Can I auction on the forum then the buyer donates? hopefully I can...
  5. ohanzee

    Where did the swallows go?

    It seems only weeks ago that the first swallows were arriving, the ones round me still had young making a racket in the nests a week or so ago and there are a lot still flying around, but the nests are now vacated and they are not in the nests at night, where do they go? it seems a bit early to...
  6. ohanzee

    The dangers of wet rod socks

    Put back in the sock damp then in the tube in the car, pretty uniform scaling, sort of toad effect finish, still works fine so no worries there...
  7. ohanzee


    Take care cutting the grass, I found this guy with eyes just opened...
  8. ohanzee

    Loch Finlas/Galloway forest.

    Anyone fished it? or the surrounds?
  9. ohanzee

    How often do you change leaders?

    Prompted by the discovery in another thread..that I might be alone in steaming kinks out of leaders...I'm just curious, how long a made up or out of the packet leader lasts for others?
  10. ohanzee


    No picture, which is only marginally worse than the very bad one it would have been, but in the garden yesterday there was a distinct tapping, pretty loud, when I went to investigate a nuthatch popped out with a massive ball of what looked like some sort of insect nest it had dug out, one lives...
  11. ohanzee

    The mystery of the dead rabbits

    Found a young dead rabbit today, then 10' on a burrow freshly dug into a truck load of topsoil, in the hole another 2 dead rabbits, I pulled them out for inspection and they look unharmed, the burrow continued further down but they appear to have only made it bout a foot or so down, the other...
  12. ohanzee

    Sharps Belmont sea troot net

    Had this in storage for years and never seen action, £30 Inc whatever the horrendous postage costs are.
  13. ohanzee

    New Chinese technology in dry fly fishing

    I just ordered 4 of these.... They are mini disposable drones that have a limited life battery inside, just one on switch, no off, the supplier reckons you can superglue them to a hook and cast as normal, when it hits the water the wings buzz rapidly making the fly vibrate in the water...
  14. ohanzee

    How do you know when to part with a rod?

    I am swithering about parting with a G Loomis 9' 5weight stream dance max line speed, its not getting much use and I'm in the market for a 7 weight, the catch is it is a pretty good stick, soft bend/fast recovery, and I'm loath to part with it for the sort of price it would probably fetch, is it...
  15. ohanzee

    The future of the artificial fly...

    Is it time to drop nostalgic notions of the artfully crafted traditional fly, in place of 21st century technology? we have expensive Nano technology at one end and a bunch of vague fluff on the other, surely we are getting it the wrong way round? The fly tying world would catch fire, what you...
  16. ohanzee

    Has anyone experienced this?

    The other night I was pottering away in an old barn and received a text, while I was replying(silently) something caught my eye, bout 10' away in the yard there was a hare nibbling away at a clump of clover, quite aware of my presence, it was only then that I noticed it had tiny baby hare with...
  17. ohanzee

    If you were to pick a fly to...

    I have a small project to plan involving basic printing from an image, the original image doesn't matter to the process so I thought I'd use the profile of a fly, I will be redrawing the fly emphasising bits then doing a wooden or lino cut of the drawing, then printing in one colour, the final...
  18. ohanzee

    Sage 25/45 series reels spool float problem

    This is a common problem with Sage 25/45 reels and I have a very satisfying simple solution...just changed the O ring on one and its better than new, the O rings stiffen with age and make the spool seating a bit clunky, at worst the spool ends up with enough float to trap the line. The O ring...
  19. ohanzee

    Small dark bird with a white breast??

    Any ideas?? It was hanging about the fringes of a big gang of chaffinches, but distinctly different, slightly smaller and more delicate than the chaffinches, looked more softball than hard, warbler like, dark back and wings and distinctly white underbelly, very quick and agile in avoiding the...
  20. ohanzee

    Anyone know how to build a barn owl nest box?

    I have at least two young ones and a parent, need to get boxes in before the rascals get too cosy in awkward places.