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  1. iainmortimer

    There’s a storm coming... (Arkle, Wingman?)

    For my next classic I decided to try a Thunder and Lightning. I just can’t decide on the throat length though and so I’m after some advice (again!). I’ve tried it longer so it nearly touches the hook point as in many images I’ve seen but it looks unbalanced. I’ve tried it shorter like here...
  2. iainmortimer

    My first Red Rover Classic Salmon fly

    ...or it would have been if I’d had all the correct winging materials! I’m pretty pleased with my progress which has been helped massively by all the useful criticism and advice that I’ve received - you know who you are; thank you. This really challenged me and I binned three sets of wings...
  3. iainmortimer

    Classic blue charm

    Having got the right hooks and made some substitute gut I decided on a simple pattern to work on techniques. How can such a simple fly take so long though as tome flew and I reckon I spent about 4 hours trying to get this right although I’ve never spent so long selecting feathers to try and...
  4. iainmortimer

    A black day for the Black Ranger

    Blame Kevin not me. I decided a year or two ago to give the classics a go and so appalled at my early efforts I gave up. Then Kevin decided to post his efforts and it’s encouraged me to have a go again this afternoon with whatever I had to hand spurred on by a bit of interweb buying that will...
  5. iainmortimer

    Another batch of parachutes

    One of each batch of 25 on #16 Orvis Big Eyed hooks (crushed barbs) Tupps Indispensable 14/0 Yellow Sheer thread also used for body White Antron wing post Ginger cock hackle and tail Own mix of seal fur thorax Adams Grey 8/0 uni thread Grey Antron wing post Blue rabbit underfur Red...
  6. iainmortimer

    Hardy and Greys, Alnwick - Brilliant Service

    Having sorted out the details of a getting a warranty replacement from Greys its taken me a while to find a spare 5 minutes to contact them and finalise delivery. On the off chance that PureFishing would be open today (Saturday morning) I rang them only to not unexpectedly find the office...
  7. iainmortimer

    A day of being small minded

    Could you tie up some flies for me came the question. Having agreed I wasn't expecting 125 all small! Still the first batch of 25 Tups Indispensable are now down...only another 100 to go... Hook: Orvis Big Eye dry #18 Thread: Sheer 14/0 yellow Wing post: white antron Tail: ginger cock Body...
  8. iainmortimer

    How do I contact Greys warranty - every e-mail bounces ! Anyone got one that works?

    Help... I broke the tip on my XF2 last week and having found the warranty page thought I was home and dry. That was until every e-mail link and response form they've listed and I've tried has bounced back! Has anyone got a recent warranty or similar with contact details that will actually...
  9. iainmortimer

    Wanted: Greys XF2 Streamflex 9' #5 tip section

    A bit of a long shot I know but just in case someone has one knocking about. There is I believe a £30 delivery charge from Greys and so I've that cost as a minimum. As a result I'm not after a freebie here so name a fair price if you have one available.
  10. iainmortimer

    Metz clearance at Essential Fly

    Best deal I believe are Grade 2 cock saddles for £35 in a good range of colours in case anyone is interested. Search Results
  11. iainmortimer

    Nice day on the Itchen

    Thanks to work it had been nearly 18 months since I’d wet a line on the Itchen and so with decent weather I grabbed the chance to break out my cane rod and spend a day on the banks. The river was a little coloured which would make fish spotting difficult but otherwise looked in fine form as I...
  12. iainmortimer

    DEFRA consultation on shooting cormorants needs YOU!

    Details on a survey that we should all complete to reduce the highly negative impact of non-native fish eating birds like goosander and European cormorants can be found here: New online effort to shoot more cormorants - details and link An example answer from me if it helps: There are far more...
  13. iainmortimer

    Orvis fly box + over 50 flies for grayling & trout

    SOLD. Fly box used, flies unused
  14. iainmortimer

    Silver Okuma 16 compartment/58 clip fly box - £15

    SOLD Used but in really nice condition as in photos. 6” x 3.5” x 1” so fits in a pocket
  15. iainmortimer

    Salmonfishingforum - is it down?

    I've had real trouble with it loading very slowly the last few days and today I can't access it at all. Is it something my end or is there a bigger issue?
  16. iainmortimer

    Replacing a rod ring - I know its a basic question for all you clever people!

    It has literally been decades since I last built a rod or did such a simple things as replacing a rod ring and so I'm just after thoughts on the best method of sealing the whipping to avoid cracked varnish at some point. i.e. what varnish/dope etc is currently considered to be the best choice...
  17. iainmortimer

    A few for the bass

    I decided to try a new material for me ‘Crystal Minnow Hair’ from Silverscalesflytying that I tied over a belly of their Preyfish Fibre. Both great materials and the crystal minnow is now a must have in my tying kit
  18. iainmortimer

    Wanted: 54” cloth bag for 2 piece cane rod

    I picked up a lovely cane rod recently but it came without the correct bag which is to short for the rod. I’m therefore hoping that one of you lovely people would have one that I could buy. So long as it’s not full of holes ( where you don’t want them!) I’m not worried about discolouration and...
  19. iainmortimer

    It’s just a buzzer...

    ...but this chunky, dubbed version catches me more than anything else in lakes closely followed by the same pattern without dubbing using just the black tying thread underneath the ribbing Hook: Kamasan B110 #18 to #12 Thread: 8/0 black uni Breathers: white Antron Rib: medium pearl lurex...
  20. iainmortimer

    Black Magic nymphs

    A few Black Magic nymphs for those wily river trout Hook: #16 Fulling Mill 35045 barbless jig Bead: 1.5mm Black Tungsten Thread: black nano- silk Tail: few strands of CDC Body: Black UV dubbing Thorax: Black peacock herl dubbing Hackle: two turns naturally dark CDC