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    Prokudin Gorsky

    I came across this some years ago, but it was on the Telly today, he was the father of Colour photography, in the 1900's he worked for the Tzar, and made a colour Documentary of Russian life , you can see it on line by putting in his Name , it's a Revelation, I think Col would be impressed ...
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    tunnel to Harris

    listening to the Scottish news the other morning , there was a proposal for a sub sea tunnel from Skye to Harris, and a possibility of one from Harris to North Uist, what price Eh? easker1
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    be glad you aren't obese

    According to Michael Buerk Obese people should be allowed to die to save the NHS,is this acceptable from a broadcaster? he seems to blaming people who over indulge, easker1
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    Protecting Scotlands Products

    Fergus Ewing is making sure Scotlands products are protected , Including Whisky and "Farmed" salmon. Not a word about the Protection of the Wild fish, is it him that has Relatives in the Aquaculture industry? :doh: easker1
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    Gairloch Angling club Open day

    we are having an open Day on the 23rd of February, Saturday, at our local Resource Centre Known as the Gale centre, it's to get people interested in the club and the fishing, we will be having fly tying Demos.and an opportunity for visitors to try it for theirselves, club members will be there...
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    Kelp Harvesting

    A firm call Bio Polymers wants to start mechanical kelp dredging at, at least 12 sites round the Scottish west coast and islands, they say that this environmentally sustainable, at 30,000 tons per year, so what will this do to inshore feeding grounds particularly for young sea trout, so much...
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    Tying up boats

    I keep an eye on our club boats, I am always amazed at the way they are left , this is by people who sometimes tie their own flies , make up leaders , sometimes building their own rods , yet can not tie up a boat , or even pull one up , all the previous things ask for some sort of manual...
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    Aid for fish farming

    the Scottish Government is putting £90 million into Aquaculture, wouldn't it be nice if they put the cash into saving the wild Salmon and seatrout,? easker1
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    Canon AF 28-200, 3.8 lens

    I have this lens in fine condition , boxed , it is surplus to me , any one interested for a swop, for any thing , it's a Tamron and they have a good reputation, I no longer have a Canon, cheers Easker1
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    I often wonder why we bother with variants,in 60 years of fly fishing I have managed one, a purple Zulu, I have tried other peoples variants with limited success, I have found over the years, that the Originals outfish the Variants, so why are we obsessed with this, ,I enjoy tying flies,but...
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    Canon lens

    I have for sale or swap a Tamron 28-200mm f3.8 Canon auto focus lens in its box with lens cap and hood, in very good condtion, any offers , easker1
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    Good news

    the wild fish reform bill has had a stay of execution, no levy, no rod licence. no criminalisation of anglers, so well done Rosanna Cunningham, common sense has prevailed, :) easker1
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    Gairloch Fly tying evening

    Gairloch Angling club are having fly tying evenings on Wednesdays until the seasons start , all are welcome, it is in the community hall annexe we have a few tyers in the club , easker1
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    Times on Salmon farming

    Not That I am a big times reader,( The Xwords keep me occupied for hours) but the times this Sunday did a front page article on the misinformation that the salmon farming industry manage to put out with the amount of Chemicals used ( sealice prevention) comparing what was used at the start up to...
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    Scottish wild fish Protection Bill

    I wonder what effect this bill ( when it is endorsed) will have on wild fishing and fishing tourism? this is something that will change the face of wild fishing in Scotland for ever, personally I don't like it , the laws that existed dealt with most of the issues, but only if they were applied...
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    Out of season photos

    Please , no photos of out of season brown trout, while fishing for Grayling,:) easker1
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    Harris Fishing

    Been looking forward to this for months, but when I got there it was a bit of an anti-climax, the Accomodation was good, but the fishing was disappointing, we were told there was a lot of sea trout , but when we got there we were told that the sea lochs were full of seals, not exactly full but...
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    D2 Steel

    I have 2 pieces of D2 Steel high Carbon chromium steel suitable for tool or Knife making, these pieces are 4mm thick annealed in the Black about 12ins sq. each piece swap for any thing or I am open to offers, easker1
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    I have a Tamron 28-200 f3.8 Canon AF Fit in excellent condition,any one do a swap for a new line wf6 inter,? easker1
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    More Acquaculture

    The Scottish Acquaculture industry is to double its output over the next two , years, is this coincidental with the New Wild Fish Reform bill? and how will the government manage to protect wild salmon on the west coast now? :omg: easker1