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  1. black knight

    Hare Coursing

    I listened to a program today on the above and was horrified to learn of the things that go on concerting the illegal sport of hare coursing. The people carrying out this sport damage farmers' property, trespass on farm land, threaten the farmers if they object,organize illegal betting, and...
  2. black knight

    Surplus feathers

    I have tied flies for many years and accumulated a large amount of feathers. I don't tie very often now due to age and Parkinsons. I took half a bin bag to my local fishing club and put it in our cabin with a note to help yourself with the bag mouth open. Half an hour later a member had walked...
  3. black knight

    Taking a dog in a boat while you fish

    I'm thinking of taking my Maltese terrier in a boat while I fish. It hasn't been out before so is this a good idea? Will any dog owners who take their pooch fishing please advise on the pitfalls and any special arrangements.? Thanks
  4. black knight

    Spare for a C &F Reference vice and good service

    My wife knocked my C&F Reference fly vice off my fly tying desk. Luckily the only casualty was the the rubber jaws ring that snapped. I struggled with the Japanese booklet that came with the vice for information on a European agent so I wrote to Japan. I got an immediate Email with information...
  5. black knight

    Fishing Bankhouse

    I'm fishing Bankhouse on Sunday 24th of February. Anyone fished it in the last two weeks and if so what method achieved results?
  6. black knight

    Spares for a C&F Reference fly tying vise

    My wife knocked the above vise off my desk before Christmas and the jaws rubber ring ruptured. I can't find out who is the UK agent for C &F products. so I can obtain a spare. Has anyone any information on who to contact rather than Japan?
  7. black knight

    Unwanted Christmas Present What Should I do?

    This year someone bought me a poachers spinning rod and reel set. It's a pen rod and aluminum fixed spool reel with three spinners by Nauticalia. I'll never use it or poach so what should I do with this kit it cost £39.00?
  8. black knight

    Stocks Reservoir Slaidburn

    Has anyone fished the above in the last week or so I would like some guidance on what method/methods are working? I'm fishing there on Sunday 30th. Thanks
  9. black knight

    Breaking a rod section.

    Over the years I have broken more than a dozen. I stood on one on Sunday having lost my balance on large boulders that were wet. It made me think why is it mainly top sections that I break? Is it because they are the most fragile section therefore at most risk or is there some other explanation...
  10. black knight

    What's the strangest thing that happened to you whilst fishing?

    I was fishing the Annan in October some years ago with two of my sons when we heard traffic noise high above us on a field abutting the river. Minutes later a man stood over us with a shot gun looking grim and ordering us sternly not to move a muscle. This in itself was a frightening experience...
  11. black knight

    Cleveley Mere Fishing Reports

    Has anyone fished Cleveley Mere fishery, Scorton, recently?
  12. black knight

    BFR Titanium 95 fly reel wanted

    Wanted a BFR Titanium 95 fly reel in good condition. If anyone has one they would like to part with PM me please.
  13. black knight

    Dual bloobs what colour?

    In this heatwave anglers are resorting to Di8 lines and dual blobs. I never have a lot of success with blobs but would like to try them at Ladybower in a couple of weeks. What are the most successful colours used by competition fishermen?
  14. black knight

    What type, size and weight of rod do I need.

    I recently bought a Snowbee XS Plus Competition Long- Cast WF #8 CLC. I have tried it out with my Greys Platinum X 7# 10 foot and an Airflo Delta Classic 7/8 # 10 foot neither are right for this line. What type, size and weight rod would you recommend I should buy to get the benefit from this...
  15. black knight

    Who makes the best intermediate line?

    I have three intermediate lines but the one I use and catch fish with is a twenty year old Shakespeare Worcester light blue line wf 8#. I used it today to fish and I caught where others have blanked. The line has snapped in half and been repaired it has chunks of plastic coating missing but I...
  16. black knight

    Which part of the day should I go fishing

    The extreme heat is ruining daytime still water fishing which part of the day is likely to provide sport 5am in the morning or 8pm in the evening?
  17. black knight

    Which rod should I use?

    I have just purchased a Snowbee XS Plus Competition Long Distance WF 8# CLC line. What would be the ideal rod to complement this?
  18. black knight

    What is the most unusual lure you have caught trout on.

    Following on from my earlier thread "What the heck was it" I was thinking of the most unusual things I have caught trout on. The first was a cigarette filter tip wrapped in a ladies flesh colored stocking material. When cast out it floated and it was stripped back fast. It looked like pellet...
  19. black knight

    What the heck is it.

    Now and then I come across an angler telling me about his successful catch rate. So it was today on my fishery a guy I don't know stopped to talk to me with the purpose of stating his catch figures. I asked to see his successful lure and what a monstrosity. I'd call it a a Heinz 57 variety...
  20. black knight

    What are the Lancsy Lads up to next? (Volume 2) 2018-

    Hi all The Editor of the Forum wants to close our original thread as it is too big and takes too much space. It feels like the end of an era but in starting this new replacement thread I hope the posts about our lives and fishing exploits will carry on. Our next fishing outing is 20th May at...