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  1. shropshire_lad

    Risky business

    Be warned that contributing to political threads on your mobile whilst float tubing can be as distracting and dangerous as using a mobile whilst driving :fish: Peak District anglers dangerously close to huge plug hole - BBC News
  2. shropshire_lad

    ......and again.......River Sheppey this time

    River Sheppey pollution kills thousands of fish - BBC News
  3. shropshire_lad

    Devon River Mole Large Fish Kill

    Not sure if this has already been reported here - a brief search suggested not? Mystery as 6,000 trout and salmon die in 'largest ever fish kill' | UK News | Sky News
  4. shropshire_lad

    Anyone with experience of fishing the remote mountain lakes of North Wales?

    Hi Chaps, The remote mountain lakes of North Wales have interested me for many years. My parents used to own a log cabin in the Dolgellau area and we walked the Rhinogs and surrounding areas. There are numerous small mountain lakes. I was so intrigued with them I wrote in the 1980s to Trout &...
  5. shropshire_lad

    Pike (or no pike) lake puzzler

    Hi Chaps, I have just returned from a week in North Wales where a mate and I visited some old fishing haunts. One such old haunt was a small mountain lake that used to hold a good head of small pike, 1 to 2 lb bracket. It was a reservoir for an old army base I believe, now a holiday village...
  6. shropshire_lad

    Bruce & Walker Century Rod 11' 3" AFTM 4-6 - any advice?

    Hi Guys, Having just got back into fly fishing I dug out my old Bruce & Walker Century 11' 3" fly rod rated AFTM 4-6. I bought this rod decades ago on recommendation for loch style fishing mountain lakes. The theory was the longer length allowed for "dibbling" that top dropper loch style and...
  7. shropshire_lad

    Tying knots with deteriorating eyesight - advice?

    Hi Guys, I recently returned to fly fishing after a 20 to 30 years hiatus. In that time, I have taken to wearing reading glasses for close up work. However, I must say I really struggled tying knots even with my reading glasses. My tucked half blood knots just became half blood knots as tying...
  8. shropshire_lad

    Advice on leaders for someone who's a bit out of touch with developments!

    Hi Folk, Hoping some of you may be able to advise me. I'm picking up fly fishing after 20 years or more and planning a visit to some highland lakes where loch style fishing will be the order of the day - a team of two or three wet flies generally using a floating line. When I originally fished...