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    Salmon survival

    Interesting read was we seemingly head for same dilemma From the Front lines JP
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    Loomis Streamdance GLX HLS 9ft 5wt Tip Section

    Shot in the dark but my fishing pal is seeking a replacement tip for subject rod. JP
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    Improved water knot revisited

    Improved Water Knot revisitedI note this has been up before but results were inconcusive. Gareth Jones a well served fly fisher talked about this knot in an Airflo Video released a year ago.The ''dropper'' knot appears to be a hybrid of the water knot and J Knot with two turns water knot...
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    Improved Water Knot revisited

    Post deleted Post moved to Knots.
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    Shooting Films On Youtube

    Couple of recent renditions filmed in HD 1080x60p on my YouTube Channel : Shotaway Films not monetised just a hobby.Some of you shooters/pickers up may fancy watching or not as the case may be. Best JP YouTube. YouTube
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    Vosseler DC4

    Very Good condition Vosseler DC4 7/8 fly reel.Little use.Slight boat rash bottom of outer rim.£60-00 posted. JP
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    Loop AEG fly rods

    Trying again in case someone has any squirrelled away:D Best JP
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    Some Good News

    alexandra morton
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    Wild salmon and open cage units

    alexandra morton Grim times.Even in New-Zealand there are serious fish mutations in the South Island connected to open cage farming. JP
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    Canine Cavalry

    Here you go for you shooting dog luver's like me:D:D:D Apologies if you d'ont like the music but I luv it. Best. JP
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    Bloke XL50 10ft 6wt

    SOLD .Apologies as advertised this rod for my normal boat partner and could not edit the original title for some reason. Absolute mint condition fly rod £130.00 posted.Later series chestnut colour blank. Call or txt Ray on 07715 299497 or pm me.Many thanks. Best JP
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    Bloke XL50 10ft 5wt

    Rod is actually a 6wt ''Sold''
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    Anyone else had problems contacting these people ? My friend and I have had what I would term a total lack of response emails and phone calls ??I bought a rod from Toby who was the owner some time back but lately a nightmare to speak to ?? My pal had a total nil result on a Nautilus reel so...
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    Buzzer Fishing

    And if he did could he trust it:omg:the fart that is:eek::D:D. JP Is Vincent here yet:)
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    Loop AEG 9'6'' 6wt

    A shot in the dark I know but have a slot for one of these based on experience with the 5wt. Best JP
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    Davy Knot experiment

    Only because I have a paranoia about mini SS rings cutting through tippet I recently gave the rings another go after trying the Korda Micro recommended by forumites during a discussion on SS rig rings.I have been using a Trilene Knot to attach the rings for extra insurance against failure.I was...
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    Tippet Rings tip

    Been bugging me for a while because although they are very convenient for some rigs I have found they can and do cut through the leader/tippet under pressure.Recently I have used them again after a long sabbatical but the only knot I feel comfortable with is the trilene knot which passes the...
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    Rio Grande

    Rio Grande fly lines 5wt or 7wt in VGC. Best JP
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    SA Sharkskin floating line

    Hello all Have checked archives quickly and could not find anything.Friend of mine recently purchased a Loomis Streamdance GLX HLS which was found to have grooving in the guides.Substantial grooving in the stripper guide and not just a single groove.On close inspection all the guides will need...
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    Orvis Battenkill V

    My buddy is looking for a made in England Battenkill LA V spare spool.I bought the reel on the forum for him and hope someone might have a spool kicking about somewhere.Manythx. Best JP