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    Strongest fine wire hooks?

    The weight of outfit is the issue as mentioned earlier.If coupled with low/non stretch line lift hooks will open out.Personally do not like crushed barbs as have a tendency to LDR to easily.Message forum member Richfish who can point you in the right barbless direction but even then the weight...
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    10' four weights - any thoughts?

    I was well surprised by Vision rods if you can find one to suit the need.If you can find the original Marryatt Tactical 4wt I bought originally for a specific purpose some years ago turned out to be a cracking allrounder 4wt. JP
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    Dead drifting lure , buzzer/nymph combo

    Zonker on the point is the key to your rig Fishing ferret. The movement of the tail will switch them on dead drifted.Often better than an actual buzzer pattern but need the movement from the wind or in the water.Farmoor was mentioned and there is an undertow there in places created by the wind/...
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    Dead drifting lure , buzzer/nymph combo

    It is a straight line nymphing technique with a ''lure'' on point which can work well given the right conditions.Need some movement either with wind or current flow to achieve best effect. JP
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    Rod choice

    5wt rods were never intended for the rigours of full blown reservoir tactics which may involve casting a team of ''nasties'' from the dark side:eek: on all kinds of lines. 10ft 7wt is the classic allrounder for bank and boat.10ft gives the reach and flexibility often needed when fishing teams of...
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    Shy bites!

    Ignore the taps and keep retrieving until all locks up is the default method for me. JP
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    Go to camera settings/mode

    Help Captain Think I understand it fairly well but getting the camera to understand is the difficult part bearing in mind most of the time filming game shooting I want good DOF which I cannot achieve by closing down the aperture in manual mode or the ground level shots will be too dark.I use...
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    Go to camera settings/mode

    Thanks Captain.Will look into it as not familiar with the process you speak of. Best JP
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    Go to camera settings/mode

    Good thought Captain I have not tried setting WB on the card I have for run and gun shooting.Will give it a try.I have been using pre-set to lock it down to suit conditions except when camera on a tripod which is not often.Thanks again. JP
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    Go to camera settings/mode

    Hello Captain Any opinions/experience of video settings.Constant battle with blown highlights.Cannot seem to find a happy medium for moving from ground level to sky during game shooting.I too use auto exposure and fix the shutter speed.I can get away with it to a point using ''Intelligent...
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    Dry fly fishing on reservoirs

    I too like Stroft although GTM.Use it for single fly fishing.Have found annoying memory for reservoir where often fishing dropper/droppers. JP
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    Dry fly fishing on reservoirs

    Gigafish 0.20mm/0.18mm on Bristol Reservoirs and Farmoor using 5wt/4wt from a boat. JP
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    Ye Olde Enigma EM-G Rods.

    Well Lewis I have three original Enigma EMG 3 piece 10ft 7wts. One was bought from Fishtec as back up just before the format changed.A testament to how highly I regard this iconic rod primarily purchased for reservoir boat fishing.I have never fished one of the later MK? incarnations so unable...
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    New rod advice.

    Suggest a look at the Vision Onki range.Might be just what you are looking for.I can concur TFO Lefty Kreh series fly rods are both powerful and versatile.No experience of Agility trout Rods. JP
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    One rod for salmon/sea trout/pike/salt

    If wanting a rod you have outlined and can use and abuse then the Oracle is a safe bet.I fish with folk who swear by them for this kind of crossover task.I would also from a personal standpoint take a look at TFO.I have an 8wt Lefty Kreh Signature Series TiCrx with a conversion kit which would...
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    Advice on Furled Leaders please

    Therein lies the secret.All FLE's are not equal.They are very very good but one will not do all so please be a little more specific as in outfit and where and how you intend to use the said FLE. JP
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    New fly line for this winter?

    Yes a good line.Forgot to add will easily turn over those more air resistant ''dark side'' point flies too.:fish2:
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    Isla Holbox Mexico

    Have not been for many years but was great fishing and more or less as described in previous post.Might well not be ideal for non fishing contingent. JP
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    New fly line for this winter?

    As a user of the line in question used mainly from a boat on reservoirs I would buy another one.Fishing various nymph methods/washing line/hoppers etc fishing teams of flies down to size 14.Very little to no false casting needed and easy turning over of long leaders. JP