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    any updates on summer River Kennet poisoning incident?

    Environment Agency - Environment Agency investigating pollution on the River Kennet Minister demands curb on pesticide sale after it wipes out insects on 10-mile stretch of river - Telegraph These articles (see link above) referred to the incident between Marlborough and Hungerford in...
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    Red dots on brownies/diff colouration brownies in same river

    Thanks Ohanzee - thats an application of logic to make Aristotle proud - however I was more interested in whether: i) stockies of one physical appearance (no red dots) can produce offspring of a different colour (the red dot type) assuming they arent triploids. If they cant, then even the...
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    Red dots on brownies/diff colouration brownies in same river

    Can anyone please tell me if there is any significance in finding brownies in the same river where some have red dots and others dont? It is stocked once or twice a year max with brownies, generally in the 10-12" range; any that I am fortunate to catch seem to fall into two types: the smaller...
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    i) 2wt line recommendations? ii) Greys 7' GS2 2wt - any good?

    Evening all I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a 2wt line to use for short range casting on a 7' rod (ie dont always get the chance to get the whole head out the top ring, short casts, side casts, roll casts, under trees etc). I have been experimenting with a Cortland Clear...
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    Hardy Brook fibreglass 6' 3wt wanted

    anyone have one for sale? Any opinions how it fishes? After my old rod broke the original Greys Streamflex 6'6" 3wt (not the XF2, the earlier one) is quite fast and hard work IMHO...