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  1. eddleston123

    Spring flower identification?

    Clumps of these in a small woodland beside the river Tweed. I'm sure it must be a simple common flower, but I can't find it in either Collins or Blacks book. Long slender leaves. Douglas
  2. eddleston123

    trout and salmon crossword

    This months T&S 23 Down - 7 letters Clue - Modern Salmon Fly Pattern -N-E-D- I'm sure it must be obvious to a salmon angler, but I only fish for the humble trout. Thanks Douglas
  3. eddleston123

    Wychwood 11' 3# nymph rod

    Retail price of these rods vary around £139 Uttings have these rods on sale at the moment @ £65.00 Now I have always fancied an 11' rod for grayling fishing. Apparently only 3.5 oz! I don't want to pay £699 or thereabouts. At £65 these rods seem to represent incredible value. Perhaps too...
  4. eddleston123

    March T & S Xword

    25 Down - Clue - Strongly Urges - 7 letters I've asked a friend and used 50/50 - Can I now ask the audience? Douglas
  5. eddleston123

    ''Wild Trout & Grayling Fishing 2020''

    Hope this thread simplifies things for 2020 by cutting down on various titles and is intended as a replacement for thread ''Fishing for Grayling & Trout 2019/2020. My first post is a bit of a non fishing one, as I intended to fish today, but was thwarted by the weather and the height of the...
  6. eddleston123

    Cheap airflo fly lines

    There was a thread on the forum a few weeks ago (which I can't find). Anyway, I bought three cheap 5# fly lines (apparently Airflo) When they arrived, they looked really quite thin for a 5#. I tried one out today on my local pond and imo were more like a 3#. Perhaps it just was my inability...
  7. eddleston123

    Trout changing colour !

    I have just been reading a book which has a couple of pages on this subject. It is a book by the late G.P.R Balfour - Kinnear, who by all accounts seems to be very knowledgeable in most aspects of Game Fishing. He suggests that trout change their colour (fairly quickly) depending on its...
  8. eddleston123

    Trout changing colour !

    Duplicate post - Deleted
  9. eddleston123

    Tweed - Raging down.

    Looking at the Tweed this afternoon, I think that we will all have to be building arks if it doesn't stop raining soon I have never fished for grayling in a flood - Can it be done? There is plenty slow pools at the side, which I reckon that grayling will be taking refuge. Would they see the...
  10. eddleston123

    Heated Gloves

    Has anyone tried Waterproof Electrically Heated Gloves. I suspect that they may be a bit bulky, but if I am grayling fishing in the bitter cold, then I am not stripping line, just a repetitive flick, lobbing of the bugs. My fingers suffer badly from the cold. I have tried just about every...
  11. eddleston123

    Rod Cover

    I see that Glasgow Angling Centre are now selling Rod covers/Socks - I think that there are three sizes. I will order a couple for my 10' 4 piece nymphing rods, which annoyingly came with integrated sections in the tube - as much use as ti#s to a bull, if you want to leave your rod tube in the...
  12. eddleston123

    Poching on your rivers

    Poaching on your rivers. This can mean - Fishing illegally without a permit - fishing with lures, bait, spinners etc that are not allowed - Taking fish on a catch and release river etc. In a way, I really wouldn't mind so much if I thought that fish were being released - but the very mind set...
  13. eddleston123

    Trout and how to catch them - Pat Castle

    I have just read the above (second hand) book which I ordered for a couple of quid on e.bay. This is, off course, an old book - first edition 1920. The book is littered with talk about 'killing' large basket, especially on the upper tweed. I am certainly not criticising this aspect as the...
  14. eddleston123

    Upper tweed today

    I drove from Peebles to Melrose hospital today, and witnessed some 10anglers or so on the Tweed. The river level seemed high enough to bring fish through. I'm not a salmon angler, but I do hope they enjoyed a good day. Douglas
  15. eddleston123

    Alien invasion

    First time I've seen this in the Yarrow Valley. Wild T----- I'm sure you all know this one. It's strange because it describes it in my wee book as common, but this is the first time I've seen this in my region. [url=https:// Six foot tall!!
  16. eddleston123

    Hardy Marksman flyline

    I bought one of the above lines about 18 months ago. It was a floating 5#. It was in a sale. The rrp was £59.99 - The sale price £23.99. I've been using this line for my river fishing since April. I ditched it today. The running line developed a bad dose of the curly wurlies, and began...
  17. eddleston123

    Shield bug ?

    A few of these were being blown onto the water today. Trout didn't seem too interested although, I'm sure that they would have made a meaty mouthful. Some type of Shield bug? I really don't know. Any ideas? Douglas
  18. eddleston123

    Photobucket - Account Limited?

    Received this today. In simplified terms, what does this mean. I've never used Photobucket for at least a year now and now use postimage. Douglas
  19. eddleston123

    Carbon, Graphite, Graphene!

    Snowbee when advertising their new 'Prestige' range of rods claim the following - ''The sensational Prestige G-XS fly rods, all constructed using the new insanely strong and ultra lightweight Graphene material'' Their marketing blurb strongly implies that this is a 'new' vastly improved...
  20. eddleston123

    Salmon numbers at crisis point

    I am a trout fisher, but when I read headlines such as these below, I feel your pain. How has it been allowed to get to this stage? ''SALMON NUMBERS AT CRISIS POINT IN TWEED'' - Front page in my local rag the Peeblesshire. Some extracts ''A report this week by the Scottish government...