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    Wanted traveller or expedition fly rod 6/7

    Will buy or swop for my Sonik 4 peice 10 ft
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    Braided fly leader

    Anyone advise how to make a braided floating leader into a sinking one.... Ie what to soak it in?
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod 7 peice #6

    Looking for a 9 ft 6 ins #6 multisection fly rod... not 4 peice.....will buy or swop for a 4 peice Sonik 10 ft #7
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    Wanted pair of breathable shakespeare boot foot waders size 11/ 12

    I know these are not made anymore so any offers would be old pairs but as long as they aren't leaking I'd be OK with it.
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    Superflo flyline

    Anyone tried one of these...... Thinking of buying one?
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    red GP tippets

    anyone know where I could get some red dyed GP tippets ?
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    north Uist recomendations

    anyone reconnend loch in North Uist foer a first time visit there in June ?
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    snipe feather help

    can anyone suggest an alternative to snipe feathers as Id like to tie some of my favourite flt snipe and purple but cant get ant snipe feathers?
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    Wanted shakespeare exp fly rod #6 or 7

    Used or unused but reasonably priced
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    Reel swop

    have a 7/8 aluminium fly reel rarely used and will swop for a spinning reel.
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    north uist loch recomendations

    heading to north and south Uist next June.Anyone recomend what N.Uist lochs to try from bank and boat?
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    wanted triangle taper wf7 line

    new or used
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    George Barron book... At the end of the line...

    Will sell or swop for his latest book... A fine line or Stan Headley Reflections on the Loch.
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    Wanted pair of Shakespeare breathable boot foot waders

    Looking for a pair of size 11 or 12 in these
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    Greys strata xl jacket

    for sale in as new condition.olive £20
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    hebridean fly query

    anyone ever see a catalogue with spiny norman hebridean muddlers offered? I had one 10 years ago and disposed of it and now trying to source it. There is a guy online from Isle of Lewis producing a Hebridean selection but im not sure that was my original source?
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    Greys strata xl jacket

    as new olive colour £25
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    T&S crossword query October 9

    anyone manage to get 9 across.water bird? and 3 Down sea eagles ?
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    sonik 10 ft 4 peice #7 for sale

    very good cordura case £45 +postage
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    vision xl breathable chest waders with boots to fit size 11 as new

    unused bought from Diver Dave shop with new boots,now surplus to requirements .£140