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  1. wynne

    Welsh Water

    The biggest frustration amongst Welsh anglers at the moment is the reluctance of WW to raise restrictions on fishing in club waters owned by them. Lots of assurances that the matter will be looked at, but nothing happening, despite their counterparts across the border having raised restrictions...
  2. wynne

    Scierra HMX

    Looking everywhere, without success so far, for a tip section for a Scierra HMX 10’0” #7 - any ideas out there, or do I scrap the rod?
  3. wynne

    Members' Area

    Have been trying to get in to the Members' Area on the FDG website, but keep getting a blank sheet - is there a problem, or is my server (or due to the Sharepoint issue)?
  4. wynne

    Catgut eyes for Salmon flies

    I'm getting back into salmon flies & am looking at tying up some blind hooks, with a catgut eye. I have bought some eye material, but am quite disappointed at the quality & content of a pack. As the flies are going to be for 'show' rather than practical use, are there any suggestions out there...
  5. wynne

    West Wales Rivers

    Lots if interesting snippets from all over the U.K. - is there anyone fishing the West Wales rivers ? Towy, Taf, Teifi, Loghor, Amman, Aeron, etc.. ?