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    Yorkshure burns

    Thank you.
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    RIP Hamish.

    A sad loss but a glorious life.
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    Yorkshure burns

    I should like to visit Yorkshire for some burn fishing connected to an inn. Any suggestions - addresses?
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    Washing Goretex Jacket

    I believe Tech Wash is the cleaner (put it in the washer) and TX Direct is the DWR (durable water proofing) that you put in the washer after the G-Tex is washed.
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    Washing Goretex Jacket

    UK made Nikwax is beat in my opitnion. After that put it in the washer with nikwax DWR renewal whose name eludes me on the rinse cycle. After both put them in the dryer or iron them on the lowest temperature. This is an expensive process, but so is Gore-Tex. - - - Updated - - - As always...
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    2019 wish list.

    The Brits always called it the 'point'.
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    2019 wish list.

    I as well.
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    Quality or reliability?

    I retired my Marquis when I retired my cane (Hardy and Orvis) because it was to heavy for my new carbon rod. I bought the Islander IR3, a conservative/classic Canadian-made reel that is beautiful to look at and to use. In over forty years with the Marquis I have not a complaint (cane was good...
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    Quality or reliability?

    Orvis offer the CFO, now made by Abel in California and lighter for the new carbon rods.
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    Optimum water temperature

    I read that 5C to 20C are optimum, but goes when one can.
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    More beavers released

    Gentlemen, you will rue the re-introduction of beaver. Take it from a Canadian - and they're on our nationl arms.
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    What’s your fave fly rod you have ever used/owned?

    My 8'6" Hardy Palakona (cane) with DT6F. I have an 8' Orvis Battenkill which, in theory is/was my dry fly rod, but you can play all the tunes on the Hardy. I have developped tremours and balance issues and retired them in favour of an 8'6" St Croix (sic) for fear of falling and breaking the...
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    Help wanted fishing shirts

    Try Their shirts will be less than 30lb delivered to UK.
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    Electric Outboards and batteries - advice greatly appreciated

    All good advice here. Your battery ought to be a deep cycle battery that will take many charges. I don't think you'll have much trouble.
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    CHALK the movie

    Beautiful. I envy your ability to fish from shore; impossible here. Incidentally it is the first time I have seen 'freestone river' used on a British forum (twice) rather than spate river.
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    What is the most beautiful trout river you have fished?

    All of the really - not just a cop-out, but true. It reminds me of an anecdote (can one be reminded of a anecdote?). I had golf inflicted upon me as a child and I hated it. However I adored my grandfather and would skip high school of Friday afternoons with a friend to golf with him and his...
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    The Beast from the East

    Please be careful. I knew someone (now dead) who lost his daughter and grandchild when ice took down a power line and she stepped out of her car carrying her child. I was trapped in my house for five days and without electricity (which here in the country means no water) for 22 days in 1998...
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    AFTM standards slipping away

    In my experience and that of others, American rods are classified by WF and you can drop a weight, or slow the action by using a DT.