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    Thread Locked

    Hi, I have waders for sale in the classified section but the post has been locked by a moderator. Can someone explain why ? Thanks Tam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Vision Ikon Breathable Chest Waders

    I bought these from Diver Dave about 2 months ago and then decided I wanted the zip front pair. They are brand new and unused. Size Chest 46” Inside leg 30” Foot 9. Looking for £150 ONO including postage in U.K. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Books and DVD

    1. Classic Fishing with Matt Hayes and John Wilson a 10 x DVD Collectors Edition. Still in wrapping. £15 incl postage in UK. 2. The Accidental Angler by Charles Rangley-Wilson. Hardback First Edition from 2006. Dust cover in good condition. £10 plus £3 postage in UK. 3. Instant Fishing by...
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    Some fishing related books for sale. 1. Improve your Fly Fishing by John Bailey, hardback with good dust cover. Printed 1991. £6 plus £3 postage in UK. 2. The World of Angling, edited by Richard Willis, ex library hardback book with plastic cover over dust cover.1973 £3 plus £3 postage in...
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    Hi Guys, I have a few fly tying books for sale. 1. An introduction to Fly Tying by Peter Cockwill, it’s a hard back with fairly good condition dust cover printed in 1990 £6 plus £3 postage in UK. 2. Fly patterns an International Guide, new edition illustrated by George Thomson £4 plus £3...
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    Flies for sale

    Hi Folks, I’m trying to source some decent flies for sale to use on the small stillwaters and rivers here in the NE of Scotland. Who are you recommendations to buy from ? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Danielsson Nymph W

    Has anyone tried fitting a 5 weight line to a Nymph W? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wardens Fishery Moray

    Has anyone been there recently ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Winston 9' 5# B11x

    For Sale Winston B11X 9' 5# four piece Custom built rod in fantastic condition, very little use, comes with tube £300 ono Thanks Tam
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    Hi Folks, we are going to Skye for a long weekend, anyone been there and can suggest good accommodation, or would Kyle of Lochalsh be a better option. Thanks Tam
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    I am very busy at work just now and left it a touch late to get some flies for this weekend, so l went on Kevin's website and ordered some on Tuesday evening, in the hope they would arrive in time. Now l know l dont live too far from Kevin and they might well have made it through the normal...
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    World Flyfishing Championships

    Hi Folks, the organisers of this event are still looking for volunteer controllers for each day and each venue, they are also holding familiarisation days in a fortnight for volunteers to find out what is required of them. PM me for the email addresses of organisers if interested Thanks Tam
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    Sshoot Backwinder Reel For Sale

    For Sale. Sshoot Backwinder TS2 in very rare Gunmetal Grey This is a beautiful and very unusual reel in perfect condition. and is already a collectors piece Comes with a black pouch and is loaded with a used once BARRIO WF5 Floating line, this line is fabulous, floats great and lies very...
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    SA Kelly Green

    I recently bought this line from a forum member and used it for the first time at Glen of Rothes on Sunday. Its a fantastic line, but is it normal for it to have a lot of stretch, l caught a really nice rainbow well over 5lbs and the feel of the fish was totally different to what l am accustomed...
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    Books and Videos For Sale

    Videos, A Professionals Guide to Tying Shrimp Patterns by Gloria Younger 108 mins A Professionals Guide to Tying Spring & Autumn Tubes by Gloria Younger 85 mins £10 for both Books, The Handbook of Flytying by Peter Gathercole. VGC An Introduction to Flytying by Peter Cockwill. VGC Fly...
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    Nikon D50 SLR

    For Sale Nikon D50 SLR Camera Kit Additional Sigma 70 - 300 Lens Charger, 2g memory card Bag £350 ovno Thanks Tam
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    Winston Biix 10' 7#

    For Sale ROD IS NOW SOLD Winston Biix 10' 7# 4 Piece, sock and Winston Tube Excellent Condition £250 ovno Thanks Tam
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    Orvis Wonderline

    LINE IS NOW SOLD Orvis Wonderline WF3 Sink-Tip New £20 ono Thanks Tam
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    Touchstone Design Jacket

    JACKET IS NOW SOLD Touchstone Design Jacket DL2 Size is Extra Large It is full length This jacket is around 5 years old but has been worn at most two or three times, mostly lives on a coathangar in my wardrobe. Looks brand new Offers around £75 Thank you Tam
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    i-Phone versus Storm

    Dont suppose this is really 'tackle' but l suspect most folk take one when fishing.:) lm looking to buy one of these phones, not on contract. Listening to my music, ease of texting and a personal organiser are important. so what is this forums thoughts on either phone. Thanks in advance Tam