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  1. jerryrum

    Fishing spiders “English/British” style

    I'm heading back to Yorkshire to visit my family (who I haven't seen months) and will be spending some time fishing with my dad. I'll be on the upper Nidd, a river I have only ever used GRHE or Klinks on. This time I'd like to use North Country Spiders, any suggestions as to the size I should...
  2. jerryrum


    To add to the above: The 3# reel gold line is great. I got down to the local pond this afternoon and was able to cast clear across it, even in the wind. Before now I have only managed this with a 7# set up. The Rudd often feed on the far bank, safe in the shelter of the over hanging...
  3. jerryrum


    My order, placed on the 17th of Feb, has just arrived. Ordered the gold line (which comes with holder) and eco reel (which came with wallet) For about £20. The nippers came free. The reel seems good quality and is smooth. I can't remember why I went for the large arbour (on a 3 weight?)...
  4. jerryrum

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Steven I left Harrogate 20ish years ago, so some of my information might be a bit out of date. The Nidd holds plenty of trout and grayling, but day tickets are hard to come by. All the smaller stream (or becks as they are known) that flow in to the Nidd hold trout too and if they are next...
  5. jerryrum

    River rod

    Hi James How big is the river? I occasionally use a 9' 6" on the Ouse, where its is about 15 to 20m wide and I'm casting from a clear bank. I move down to a 7 footer for the feeder streams or where there is a lot of tree cover. Give us a few more details and I'm sure you'll get plenty of...
  6. jerryrum

    Early season in Ireland

    I don't know where about's in Dublin you are, but when I visited I had a couple of great sessions on the River Dodder.
  7. jerryrum

    My new river. The Abbey

    That looks an amazing bit of water, and somewhere to shelter from the rain. I wish I hadn't looked at the pictures though. They've made me long for a days fishing.
  8. jerryrum

    What is fishing to you?

    Is it cheating to say Klink and dink? The enjoyment of seeing fish rise to the surface, combined with the efficiency of a nymph? My preference will always be running water, somewhere remote, far from the maddening crowds, and of course the sun is shining, but the fish are still rising...
  9. jerryrum


    Same. I was intrigued by the free express shipping. I have just bought a new version of my favourite rod, from a local angling shop, but I didn't like the selection of reels and lines they carried. Yes, I could have just used a reel and line from my existing stock, but a new rod sounds like a...
  10. jerryrum

    Lawfully good fish quiz

    I didn't know Crayfish couldn't be used as bait, fortunately the fish eggs bit of the question gave it away.
  11. jerryrum

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome. Excuse my ignorance, but what species in South Africa did you target with a fly? I believe you have some trout rivers, but I don't think they are common are they? cheers Jerry
  12. jerryrum

    Hissing Sids - Bouyant Pike Snakes

    I don't often fish for Pike with a fly, but I'm always interested to learn. What is the advantage of a floating fly with a sinking line? What type of water would you use these on, and what size would the Pike be that you were targeting? cheers Jerry
  13. jerryrum

    Coping With The Lean Times

    With no game fishing close to home, I have to travel to fish for Trout. On the occasions when I am to stay away for a few nights, I have a small selection of favourite venues. Most of the locations give me a good chance of catching each day, and at at least one of them I consider it a very...
  14. jerryrum

    Tier 5 ... presumably fishing is screwed again?

    In response to those saying stay home to prevent injuries. " People who spend more of their time at home suffer proportionally more accidental injuries" sounds like we'd be safer out fishing!
  15. jerryrum

    Fly Fishing - Canal?

    Where I live most of the GUC is controlled by various clubs. Most of them offer day tickets, normally around £7. I can only think of one spot where you would only need a national license, and that's about 10 meters of bank under and next to a bridge.
  16. jerryrum

    Fly Fishing - Canal?

    I was fishing the GUC the other day and it was actually clear! The drop in temperature and lack of boat movement have allowed the sediment to settle. I could see hundreds of small silver fish (I had headed for a spot I know is always a sure thing) and was able to watch the Perch chase and...
  17. jerryrum

    Heads up for a 10ft #3 or 4 weight

    Looks like all weights and lengths are sold out now.
  18. jerryrum

    A tale of two chalk streams

    Local, compared to the 2.5 hours I normally drive to fish chalkstreams for Grayling.
  19. jerryrum

    A tale of two chalk streams

    Could be, but on the first venue I was wading, so I would have expected to see them shoot off when I got close. As I said, I don't fish chalksteams very often. Could they dart away while still staying under cover? If they are tucked right under the bank, what are the best tactics to tempt them...