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    hackle pliers

    I use one of those electrical clips,best hackle plier ever.
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    Jaffa may

    great tying,keep em coming
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    Playing around again

    lovely flies m8,what is the front hackle?
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    Three for the wild north west

    great flies Jock,well tied.
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    Heather half hog hopper 12

    once again! great stuff.
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    Eye candy

    great selection of flies there Doobrysnatcher,I love your choice of color,very bug like,well tied ,keep em coming.
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    thanks a million ,I will give Pat Nolan a buzz.
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    where can I get green seals fur dubbing for peters
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    whatever the title,its a cool fly,well tied m8,hope it catches loads,
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    Duck fly12

    great flies , I like the middle one,what is the wing
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    Montana nymph - classic

    great montanas,they always do the job,well tied m8.
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    Pheasant Tail Phloater

    I like that fly,well tied m8
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    Swiss Army Fly. Lough, Loch, Reservoir, Lake ,River Or Stream.

    diawl bach for me,earlyseason,white tail and beard, black body,and green rib.
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    Diawl Bachs

    great flies Phill,well tied.
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    Pheasant Tail Dry

    great flies Scott,well tied m8
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    dunkeld nymph

    great looking pattern,I ,well tied m8 love the colors.
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    Mallard and claret....

    great fly Paul,fish food all the way.
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    Bwo wet 14

    nice flies there m8,keep em coming.
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    Fiery dabbler variant

    Ah,lovely dabblers there m8,well tied.
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    Detached body hawthon parachute 12

    I like it ,most dead hawthorns I've seen on the water seem to have their legs splayed out rather than trailing behind.