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    Yorkshure burns

    I should like to visit Yorkshire for some burn fishing connected to an inn. Any suggestions - addresses?
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    Serious Country Sports

    I received in the mail a very short while ago my new Woodsman waxed jacket by Hoggs of Fife and I am very pleased. I ordered it from Serious Country Sports,, 6 February and it took only ten days. They shipped it by Royal Mail First Class for less than ten pounds. The...
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    Profile quotation

    Can anyone help this pathetic dinosaur (my children threaten to have me committed to the home for the terminally uncool) to add a quotation to my profile?
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    Hi, all, I have been out of the loop for a bit, first illness then (now) waiting for a double knee replacement so that I can wade again. A local chapter of Trout Unlimited Canada (hence the trail name) was formed and I joined. I enjoy fishing vicariously through several sites and enjoy...
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    I am retiring my Hardy 8'6" Palakona and Marquis #6 reel because I no longer want to be seen with Hardy gear. Hardy make just about everything in South Korea now and the 'Hardy of Alnwick' name has become a sham. The Vermont Sock Company have a notice on the wall of their production facility...
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    Angling in England

    Hello, I am a spate river/burn angler and live in southwestern Quebec, Canada. I should like to visit England and fish a river for trout, somewhere not too far from a major aeroport. I should like to stay at a smallish inn that offers access to a trout stream and will permit me to visit...