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  1. sawyer

    Llyn Alaw

    Morning all, Anyone know if there are still any fish in the above, not just trout (there used to be a healthy hear of coarse fish too), just reminiscing about some good evenings fishing dries along the far banks from a drifting boat & thought that once this madness has subsided I might take a...
  2. sawyer

    Chenille (old fashioned proper stuff)

    Looking for the above, went to my local shop & all they had was Fritz (in a massive array of colours admittedly). Anyone got a link to one of the myriad of suppliers on Bay who’s product is okay?
  3. sawyer

    Bobbin holder

    Morning all, I have tried the search facility (it keeps timing out before providing a result), fancy a change of the above (Got Stonfo Elites, Rite Bobbin & Schmaen), really like the Schmaen ones but eye wateringly expensive. Any other reccomendations, mainly tying trout at the moment?
  4. sawyer

    Hardy Sunbeam 6/7

    Apologies in advance to the mods, if this is in the wrong section please remove accordingly. I am looking for a "check spring" for the above, I seem to remember that someone had bought a lot of old spares from Hardy & was selling them on. Pretty sure I bought some bits for a couple of Golden...
  5. sawyer

    Grayling fly recommendations

    Good afternoon all, My youngest has moved to just outside Newtown & found some fishing for Grayling not too far away (being a Vet working on a lot of farms has opened a couple of doors). I have been asked to tie up some flies for the coming Winter. Having never fished for the species myself I am...
  6. sawyer

    Fishing near Newtown

    Good morning all, I hope you can help, I am after a bit of advice for my Son. He has started work as a Vet at a practice in Newtown (living in Bettws not far away) & is looking for any fly fishing in the area (having spent the Summer in North Wales he has been spoilt with Bass, Sea Trout...
  7. sawyer

    Smhaen bobbin holder

    Just wondering if anyone has used the above & if so any opinions?
  8. sawyer

    North Wales grayling

    Good afternoon all, Having an extended Festive break at our cottage in Criccieth & was wondering if anyone had any info on grayling on the Dee near Corwen/Bala, thought it might be a nice "get out" for my 2 sons & I between the 2 big days? As usual got all the gear but no idea!!
  9. sawyer

    Trout fishing near Chester

    Help, had arranged to meet my Youngest tomorrow evening for a spot of Father/Son bonding (fly fishing mainly). We were going to go to Meadow Fishery @ Mickle Trafford as it is roughly half way between us (he is @ Leahurst in the Wirral & I am in Marple Bridge). Thoughts were to meet up & fish...
  10. sawyer

    Hardy Golden Prince 7/8

    Hi all, Really long shot I know but has anyone got one lying around that they wish to move on? Don’t even need the spool, just the frame, dropped mine yesterday & age/use/impact finally took its toll & broke the frame! As a last resort there in one on a well known auction site but it does not...
  11. sawyer

    Dry fly capes

    Morning all, after some advice/pick brains/help. My tying is normally Salmon/Sea trout & wet fly nymph orientated but I have been asked by my Son to tie a "box" of dry flies for a friend of his who has helped him out lately. Where can I get some reasonable priced hackles from, ideally not full...
  12. sawyer

    Best intermediate 7#

    Just been sorting through my gear & noticed a couple of my lines are coming to the end of their working life. Have ordered a sink tip from Barrio as I have a couple of their lines & they are superb, but never tried one of their intermediates. What is everyone else using, the line to be replaced...
  13. sawyer

    Fry imitation

    Afternoon all, looking for a few recommendations for coarse fry imitations to tie up in advance of a trip this weekend. Apparently at the moment the trout there are fixated on fry, but the fishery rules state that all flies must be "imitative".
  14. sawyer

    Landing net recommendations?

    Been asked for the above, friends Wife wants to buy him a new net for his birthday, not too expensive as it is from his kids! Looked at the Shaky Agility, seems reasonable but is it "flimsy"? Needs to have a rubber mesh & suitable for small stillwaters. Have got a couple of Sharpes but they are...
  15. sawyer

    Marton Heath Macclesfield

    Hi all, anyone fished the above lately? Visited a couple of other smaller fisheries recently & been very disappointed, one had the worst algal bloom & the other was so weeded up that there was only 2 places to fish. Not so bothered about numbers of fish but would like to actually get the rods...
  16. sawyer

    Fly tying Sheffield

    Morning all, Just found out I need to head over to Sheffield this afternoon to drop some stuff off for middle child. Question is, any shops in the way between East Cheshire & Sheffield area with a reasonable stock of tying gear. Need a few bits & fancy a browse for a change instead of getting...
  17. sawyer

    Bulk backing

    Anyone know where the best place to get the above is, need enough to do something in the region of 34 reels, some 20lb & some heavier. Looking back at old threads on here & the links are expired or don't exist anymore! Not a massive tackle tart so not bothered if it is not the latest glow in the...
  18. sawyer

    Anvil Apex

    Afternoon, does anyone know if it is possible to buy an extension to the shaft for the above vice? Had it a few years now & suits me fine but had an injury to my back (Charity rugby match with my 2 lads before Xmas, not as fit as I thought) & whilst tying the last couple of weeks it has been...
  19. sawyer

    GAC Derby

    Was going to pop to the above when passing this weekend to stock up on a few bits & bobs, just seen on the website they are closing down, anyone any idea if they still have a decent stock level. Not looking for anything in particular just need some retail therapy!!
  20. sawyer

    Diamondback All American 10 ft 5/6#

    Really long shot I know but I don't suppose anyone has a top section for the above (it's a 3 piece)? no idea how or when but went to take it out yesterday & am a section short!!! Shame because although older than some others I own it was a nice fishing rod.