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    where can I get green seals fur dubbing for peters
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    don't know what it is

    hook;8 tail;brown marabou with gold streamers body ;gold cactus thorax red glister copper bead.
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    tied this today
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    steelhead flies for rainbows

    will flies for steelhead work for rainbows
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    rolled v feather slips

    does feather slips have any advantage over rolled feather in catching fish.
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    orange buzzer

    hook;12buzzer thread;red8/0 tail;red marabou with flash rib;gold wire body;burnt orange hackle;grizzle palmered head;red thread. has anyone seen or heard about this fly?If so,what is it called.I found this pattern on a piece of paper in an old fishing mag in a dentist.
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    mullet flies

    I am thinking of fishing for mullet this year,have any of you some good fly patterns ye would like to share.Kevin.
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    tying fies for framin

    I am interested in tying flies for framing,has anyone any experiance in this field,any help would be appreciated.Kevin
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    wiggle nymphs

    wiggle nymph,do they really work or are they just a fad?
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    Christmas Greetings.

    Hi I would like to wish a Happy Christmas to all you fellow tiers,and to thank you for all the great patterns posted on the forum throughout the year.I have learned so much from you.cheers, Kevin.
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    tying vices

    what is the most popular type of vice used by pro tiers,rotary or non rotary?please.Kev
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    Ireland Angling fair 2017.

    I don't see Cookshill among the list of exhibitors at this years show,I always look forward to browsing through their stand,so I will have to buy what i need on line.
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    fly tying fair

    Hi Lads,anyone going to Galway?
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    barbless hooks

    does anyone know where lawrence Finney sourced the barbless hooks.They were great value.
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    dry fly hooks

    Hi,has anyone any experience of John Norris Osprey dry fly hooks.How strong are they,are they worth buying?Any feedback would be most welcome.Kev.
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    Finneys flies.

    Finneys flies ,is it gone or is someone still running it? It was a great shop for tying stuff.Kev.
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    barbless hooks

    Hi fellow tiers,dose anyone know where to get the barbless hooks that Lawrence Finney sold?The shop has ceased trading following his passing.they were great value and good strong hooks,thanks.
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    pond life

    The lake where I fish has no other fish in it except the rainbows stocked fry of any coarse fish,maybe a few newts and frog tadpoles.but it is alive with with fly larvae and hoglice.the fish are thriving and are taking natural flies.shortly after stocking they quickly...
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    finniky fish

    Small lake stocked with good fit fighting rainbows,only problem,they are very hard to catch.Shortly after they are put in they seem to turn onto naturals,The lake is full of natural feeding,plenty of flies hatching,but the fish don't seem to feed off the top .There are no other fish in the...
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    stolen gear

    A bit of bad luck.Came home Wed evening from fishing,left my gear in the trunk of the car intending to pack it away later.Sat down to eat and started watching television,forgot about locking the car.Next morning I noticed the car door was not fully closed and on checking I found the inside...