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  1. yardbent

    Back to fishing in Scotland??

    what is so significant about a Thursday...? did my weekly shop at local CO-OP today - complete with mask and surgical gloves 3 women (!) brushed past me to shop one in pajama bottoms was in front of me at the checkout - getting her bottle of Buckfast... say no more I wont be going out fishing...
  2. yardbent

    Life vest

    make sure the model you choose has/can be fitted with a crotch strap
  3. yardbent

    Split-Cane rods;

    dont know your budget - but I found this one on eBay for peanuts It's a Howald ''Wonderod'' 1280T glass by USA Shakespeare It is all a bit 'economy' but does the job the ring wraps were actually fine tape then painted - plan is to re-whip with thread the butt cap is sprung loaded (the reel is a...
  4. yardbent


    £26 and slow delivery from China i guess email me your DIY plans please 'may be' difficult for me to get the raw materials ATM............... 👎
  5. yardbent


    yes please Matchcatch is £26 and prob a long delivery
  6. yardbent


    Maxcatch Stainless Steel Adjustable Fly Fishing Line Winder anyone bought/used one..? due to illness i only got on the water once in 2019 and now we're on fishing lock-down so my lines will have been on LA reels for 2 years plan to pass my self-isolation by treating then spooling 15...
  7. yardbent

    Gordon Griffiths Thread

    gave all mine away....say no more eh..?
  8. yardbent

    The first fish you ever caught

    ditto (y) Dad made us 2 spinning rods from same, glued on shives and sanded took me to Walthamstow Reservoirs every Saturday - good times then (no ******* igadgets) first was a fine perch on a Devon minnow on East Warwick
  9. yardbent

    Cane rod reconditioning

    you need to talk to Splinters my initial thoughts are that sandpaper 'may' round off the edges of the hexagon section whereas a blade will stay flat talk to 'guidesnblanks re threads, and Roddance ONE epoxy pictures of step-by-step would be interesting
  10. yardbent

    Please read my Blog / Report

    John...thanks I'll look into all the above maybe later in the summer - depends on UK handling of virus peaking I'm self-isolated at the moment
  11. yardbent

    Please read my Blog / Report

    I did send you an email about a summer holiday centered around your fishery asking for B&B recommendations ''the reply was deafening in its absence''
  12. yardbent

    Camps Reservoir

    website still shows day ticket prices
  13. yardbent

    Camps Reservoir

    please update if/when you know further...thanks... :) me too...I'm self-isolating (79yo) but I do want to break the monotony silver Suzuki Swift EJ58***
  14. yardbent

    Camps Reservoir

    watching this.....................
  15. yardbent

    Nasty Critters

    you are missing a business opportunity for my birthday, my nephew (in France) sent me a selection of Terrine the Wild Boar with Cranberries was outstanding..!!!
  16. yardbent

    Mid Feb Please keep your eyes and ears open for coulum boats that were stolen in Fife

    hi John a request for some future 2020 trip planning....... :) 1...I am an asthmatic 79yo 2...I want to do a few trips away this year - before it's too late .......haha 3...Lower back pain and dodgy knees...unable to walk very far so..???? are your boats docked. ie easy access is the bank...
  17. yardbent

    Feedback on Maxcatch gear

    well Lordie me................... :)
  18. yardbent

    New Gun Day

    my weapon of choice ^^^^ .
  19. yardbent

    New Gun Day

    ALL invasive grey squirrels should be culled before it's too late.! .
  20. yardbent

    What Makes a Good Burnishing Tool and Your Favourite.

    'morning I use a ''bone folder tool '' from e Bay but intrigued by the leg o lamb.....🐑