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  1. franticfisherman

    Torquedo or Epropulsion electric outboards.

    I think Wikipedia must mean that the discharge curve is a lot flatter than other types of battery, if you look at the tech spec of the Ultramax it only varies by about half a volt between full and when it 'drops off the cliff'. If you are monitoring with a good voltmeter this is not a problem...
  2. franticfisherman

    Torquedo or Epropulsion electric outboards.

    Just to round off this thread, I may have spotted a potential problem with the LiFePO4 type of battery. According to Wikipedia, they have a constant voltage during discharge. This means that monitoring the voltage during use won't tell you how much capacity you have remaining. As the battery...
  3. franticfisherman

    Torquedo or Epropulsion electric outboards.

    Thanks Scott, of course I had to buy a decent battery charger as well, it wasn't cheap but I can now charge all 8 batteries from storage level to full in just 90 mins. I hadn't heard of these epropulsion motors before, after looking at some comparisons on Youtube etc. I think I would choose one...
  4. franticfisherman

    Torquedo or Epropulsion electric outboards.

    Wow, the price of those LiFePO4 batteries has come down a lot. Apart from the price, the other thing that put me off them was the relatively low maximum discharge rate but this seems to have been solved now. I think I would go for one of those if my LiPo arrangement (which was built with the...
  5. franticfisherman

    I fished one day out of season

    We did this all the time when we were young'uns. The fish were much easier to catch out of season! There were no consequences in those days except for a clip around the lug if you got caught. Nowadays you'll be fined thousands. A few years ago I came across a couple of youngsters spinning my...
  6. franticfisherman

    Mayfly Spinner

    That's more flies to tie over the winter guys! Taking a look at the real thing, I think my shuck pattern could be improved by adding a few markings with a brown felt-tip pen. Thanks for the photos, much better than mine! frantic
  7. franticfisherman

    Mayfly Spinner

    The mayfly hatch on my club's lake is sparse and sporadic and the trout seem scared of them usually. Strange as they will take a large daddy-long-legs with gusto! They will take a lot of empty mayfly shucks and I have caught a few on a shuck pattern I devised over the winter. It is tied on a...
  8. franticfisherman

    Barbed or not.

    Back to the subject: I am surprised that hook manufacturers haven't invented a hook with a textured point. It would be a bit like the denticles on shark skin so that the tiny 'barbs' pointed towards the hook bend. This would mean that the hook could be easily removed with minimum damage to the...
  9. franticfisherman

    Baking booby eyes

    I think one of the attractions of boobies is that the eyes are soft and chewy and this encourages the fish to keep hold of the fly until it gets hooked. It's probably also why they tend to swallow them unless you are quick on the strike. I won't be baking mine anyway! I only use boobies when I...
  10. franticfisherman

    dam madcat rowing belly boat...anyone used it?

    I think I would rather stick to the bank or use a real boat with an engine! :oops:
  11. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub episode 8

    Here's the latest from Mr. Shrimpshrub, have a laugh for January!
  12. franticfisherman

    Guild Award Scheme - Beware!

    Thanks for your input on this Chris. I have one or two ideas for improvement which I will forward to Dave soon. Meanwhile, have a great Christmas everyone!:guinness: frantic
  13. franticfisherman

    Electric outboard motor batteries

    Thanks for that Scott, I think I get it! I hope it works OK for you. If I ever fry my lipo set up I will go for something like that. It is a lot cheaper and easier to replace any cells if they fail. PS your kitchen unit handles are the same as mine! Ha ha! frantic
  14. franticfisherman

    Electric outboard motor batteries

    Ahoy Scott, was a bit puzzled by your new setup. You say there is only one balance lead, shouldn't there be one for each trio of cells? I'm just thinking of my lipo setup and your old system, each battery needs to have it's cells balanced so the charger/charging plate supplies a lead to each...
  15. franticfisherman

    Guild Award Scheme - Beware!

    Probably about now many of us are hanging up our rods and turning our thoughts to fly dressing and filling our boxes with the latest killing patterns. When all that is done, you may be tempted to have a go at tying the Guild Award flies. This is what I did last winter, the Bronze level was...
  16. franticfisherman

    Electric outboard motor batteries

    Looks good Scott, keep us up to date on its performance! As well as making sure my lipos are stored at about half-charge, I also disconnect each one from the wiring harness when they are not in use. That way a duff cell will only affect the other 2 around it and not the whole set-up. My system...
  17. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub episode 7

    He's back after a long absence! Ignorant and self-centred as usual! Have a laugh for January:)
  18. franticfisherman

    Innit quiet!

    Its been very quiet on here recently, time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May your threads never snap and your wings never slip! :cheer2: Cheers frantic
  19. franticfisherman

    Ken Middlemist, last of the Hardy salmon fly dressers.

    Ken very kindly sent a couple of flies after he did a demo for the Northumbria branch last year. I thought you might like to see them. Top is a Thunder & Lightning, below it is The Kate. He ties entirely by hand without the aid of a vice. Nowadays, these fully dressed flies are tied for display...
  20. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 6, "On the River"

    Here is the latest episode of Mr. Shrimpshrub, have a smile for January...