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    Robson Green...again

    Errr, don't think so ;)
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    Robson Green...again

    I met him at Albury lakes a couple of years back. Just seemed like your normal run of the mill trout angler, didn't know he'd turn out a programme like this :eek:
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    The "Royal" Derbyshire Dove

    Why do you call it "The "Royal" Derbyshire Dove"?
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    River Tees

    what was your target species when spinning :confused: Trout and salmon are both out of season.
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    loch leven fish of a lifetime

    people keep refering to wild fish? So what if they killed 10 fish, they are stocked.
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    How would this affect your fishing.....

    Who would enforce such a law? The EA? The Police?
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    loch leven fish of a lifetime

    Those fish are all stokies?
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    River Tees

    Fishing tough today, lots of salmon waving at me. Couldn't tempt anything. :mad:
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    River Tees

    Is it fishable?????
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    River Tees

    Can anybody update me on the clarity and water levels please?
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    River Tees

    A Favourite stretch of mine.
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    Peak Forest Angling Club

    Me too...... Lets all jump on the BandWagon :D:D
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    Tipping ghillies

    Number of fish should never come into it. Tipping should be based on the whole experience with your guide. Ghillie's should never rely on tipping or judge on the amount given to them. Just give the amount that you truly think reflects on the day you have had.
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    River Tees

    Did My Fishing No Harm :D:D:D:D
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    River Tees

    spinning or on fly? All returned?
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    River Tees

    Salmon are running on the Tees. I know of 7 different fish coming out, one at around 25 pounds, gonna get myself up there :D
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    What Next?

    You might want to check that!
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    38 Fish Day at Curley's!

    And yet people keep talking, there getting a good amount of advertising!
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    Trout Parasites

    Albury suffer bad fish lice problems. they try and get rid of the problem by draining and liming the lakes, but the problem lies in the marginal plants. I'd take the fish to tony, and get a free ticket.
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    Deer query

    I say again, Norwegian Black Fallow!