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  1. smallmouth

    Warm day but cold reservoir

    Decided to give the very low clear river a miss and see if there was any surface feeding activity on the reservoir yet. Though some midges were on the water the answer turned out to be not quite. My first fish was on a black hard as nails buzzer and looked like it had been in a while...
  2. smallmouth

    Kamasan B911

    I used these hooks a lot for hair rigs/banding, fishing matches for F1's & Carp. I always thought they'd make a decent straight eyed barbless spider hook. First try with some #14's's & #16
  3. smallmouth

    Flies for Wild Brown Trout on Loch/Llyn/Lough

    Sounds like the title of a nice book authored by J R Hartley, to browse by the fire, with a glass of scotch of an evening? But no. Just me asking for your help and inspiration, assuming I might be doing quite a bit of tying over the next few weeks. Plus I'm still hoping to have a holiday...
  4. smallmouth

    Jacket longer than “wading” but shorter than 3/4?

    I had a very enjoyable day on my favourite reservoir today. But it’s that time of year and after a few hours on the windward bank, in a fine drizzle driven by a brisk breeze, the ancient pack away wading jacket I reluctantly shrug on when I’m forced, was thoroughly sodden for the umpteenth...
  5. smallmouth

    Orvis Big Eye #24's

    My motley collection of ancient, brand long forgotten, size < #20 hooks is now very sparse. Though I'm not bothered about the big eye as such, I'm looking for some properly sized hooks for tiny dries and came across these in the #24 down eye. They look a bit long in the shank on the website...
  6. smallmouth

    Another one bites the dust......

    On Facebook: "The latest Angler’s Mail magazine is out now, and new issues will be in stockists every week throughout October, but we have very sad news to share with you… Angler’s Mail magazine will reach the end of the line with October 27th’s publication after our new owner, Future plc...
  7. smallmouth


    beetles.....smash the Tyrion Lannister’s simple cousin Orson said. I hope the trout feel the same. They definitely did a couple of weeks ago, when I only had one in my fly box.
  8. smallmouth

    Glass case..... the bar of the Castle Inn, George Nympton... Just out of interest, I’ve searched for the fly pattern and could only find “Queen of the Water”
  9. smallmouth

    Back on the Reservoir

    My favourite reservoir has finally reopened for day tickets, so allowing a week for the stampede to die down, and with an eye on the relentless rain forecast for Sunday, I decided to give the river a miss. I was last here just before lockdown when there was a lot of water going over the...
  10. smallmouth

    Sixtieth Birthday

    In not much more than a month, my prescriptions will be free. Covid restrictions mean any celebration of this milestone will be muted, (which is fine as I’m a muted sort of bloke), plus as my wife has been shielding since lockdown, her plan for a bespoke birthday present became a non starter...
  11. smallmouth

    Drennan Traditional Wet Fly Hooks

    I'm down to my last 2 or 3 of these. Am I right in thinking the B130 is the same hook/ Kamasan equivalent?
  12. smallmouth

    Portable Fly Tying Drawers?

    On the off chance that someone has already arrived at a solution…………… I’m tying a lot more these days but don’t have a dedicated fly tying “station”. So I tend to use the kitchen or a folding table in the porch, depending on the weather. Which gets messy because of the variety of tins, boxes...
  13. smallmouth

    A thumbs up for Guide Fly Fishing

    I've been using the same Vision 3-Zone reel for holiday SWFF since 2001 and it's always done the job, even in Florida. Being composite, a quick wash in fresh water after each session was all it needed. I dropped it on a hardwood floor whilst rigging up in Devon this summer and the threaded...
  14. smallmouth

    Maxcatch Avid v Piscifun Sword?

    I’ll likely be receiving a Wychwood Drift 10ft #3 around the winter solstice. I don’t think my tiny Shimano Ultegra would be right on a 10ft rod and in any case it’s already matched up with a 7ft 9ins St Croix. I haven’t bought a fly reel for over 15 years and brands like Scientific Anglers...