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  1. wynne

    Hardy website ?

    Had a similar problem last week trying to register a Greys rod, gave up in the end
  2. wynne

    Welsh Water

    The biggest frustration amongst Welsh anglers at the moment is the reluctance of WW to raise restrictions on fishing in club waters owned by them. Lots of assurances that the matter will be looked at, but nothing happening, despite their counterparts across the border having raised restrictions...
  3. wynne

    Getting an unweighted nymph to swim hook point up?

    Now that’s a blast from the past. Got a couple of boxes of 10s and 12s somewhere
  4. wynne

    Scierra HMX

    Looking everywhere, without success so far, for a tip section for a Scierra HMX 10’0” #7 - any ideas out there, or do I scrap the rod?
  5. wynne


    Nadolig llawen Fred, have a good one ��
  6. wynne

    A fistful of salmon flies.

    Great tying as we’ve come to expect. Keep it up Mark :thumbs:
  7. wynne

    Hooks for snake flies

    Hi Ade, are you considering cutting the eye off the trailing hook? I’ve used the ‘trailing’ eye to feed the link line through to the point hook in the past. Will have a chat when I’m back on the weekend
  8. wynne

    Fflip Fflop

    Have you fished them yet Nick? Got to be a Welsh pattern with the double ff’s��
  9. wynne

    Silver Rover.

    Cracking work again Mark. Are the golden pheasant wing tippets dyed red?
  10. wynne

    Green Highlander (not far off a full regiment by now).

    Amazing tie yet again Mark and incredible hooks 👍
  11. wynne

    New Rugby Season

    My apologies, must have been wearing my Scarlets hoping hat on when I mentioned the Ricoh. Scarlets supporters were hoping for a Sarries win, which would have meant a trip to Coventry. As it works out, we’re in Dublin. Sorry for the confusion
  12. wynne

    New Rugby Season

    The semi will be played at the Ricoh, Coventry-against either Leinster or Saracens-hardly a home semi :)
  13. wynne

    Six Nations 2018

    Lack of consistency has been a factor in every game, along with what has become a farce in the form of video refereeing. Many of the referees have had a better view of events and still referred to the camera - understandable if they had an obstructed view, but in many instances they didn’t have...
  14. wynne

    My Green Highlander, sorry Wingman!!!

    Don’t be too critical of your first attempt, it’s a damn sight better than most would be able to achieve. Definitely go for the smaller hook size and keep tying
  15. wynne

    Members' Area

    Thanks Chris, I’ll try later - fingers crossed, but appreciate that the rebuild will take time. What I was checking on is whether there is a team entry for this years fly dressing competition?
  16. wynne

    Golden Olive Damsel Boobie

    Intermediate line to take the leader down, but fish the booby on the point, to create an up/down wave swim - that’s how I’d fish it. At the end of the day, the whole purpose is to fish the fly high in the water.
  17. wynne

    Golden Olive Damsel Boobie

    Cracking fly Perhaps pinch out of a third of the tail and a copper or gold wire rib to add a bit of flash and more importantly, strengthen the body for the bashing it’s going to get with all of the fish it’s going to catch
  18. wynne

    Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus.

    As Martin says - Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus i bawb Can't see fishing in the Beacons paying off as there are suggestions that there may be up to 20" of snow locally. Hope that everyone has a good St David's Day
  19. wynne

    In the beginning...

    About 55 years with my first 'vice' being pliers, trapped in two holes drilled in an old cup stand - you increased the grip on the hook by wedging the plier handles in tighter. A selection of feathers acquired from my neighbour, who bred budgies & other tropical birds, plus feathers liberated...
  20. wynne

    Greenwell. (salmon fly).

    Got to be one of the best Mark