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  1. yardbent

    thread colour ID needed please

    . Herbert Hatton needed female ferrule to be re-glued and blackened, .......:thumbs:.done then wrapped.. BUT I'm unable to match the thread colour Lewis Chessman sent me 3 to try - just not dark enough it's a dark dark red/claret - almost black . . any ideas what will match....? thanks
  2. yardbent

    size and spacing of stripping guide

    my Herbert Hatton has a small agate stripping guide . internal diam = 3.4mm distance from cork = 32cm I'm OK with the distance but the ID of 3.4mm is a concern one hand - keep it original with a Cortland 444 Sylk other hand, replace with a period agate ring but larger ID advice...?
  3. yardbent

    ID an AIR CEL line please

    bought another Vision Koma reel on which Seller says is an AirCel line 2 x welded loops 30ft front section in pale green with 55ft thinner back section in cream is this a shooting head - never seen one before, so checking thanks for any info
  4. yardbent

    bamboo section numbering

    i understand that on a 2section 2tip rod 2/2 the upper sections can be numbered 1 and 2 to aid rotation I've just acquired an Aspindale Perfection 8'6 2/1 where both section are labelled ''2'' any ideas......? .
  5. yardbent

    which thread for a tip top..?

    . the wrap on a tip top has unraveled - tip top still firmly glued in place it has an 'extension' down each side I have the exact colour match (claret) in a Griffiths 6/0 fly tying thread but should it be a 'Rod Winding Thread' such as 'PROWRAP nylon - A'....? thanks
  6. yardbent

    Lucky Offer #2

    i was looking at this split-cane rod on the auction site a Dalesman ''Perfection'' by Aspindale of Redditch.....2/1....... 8'-6'' I put in the only bid -- success....:thumbs: . my 2020 resolution is to fish more bamboo -- and maybe stop buying them.....:omg: .
  7. yardbent

    bamboo advice please

    Dalesman ''Arrowdale deluxe'' 8'6'' the rod has arrived in good condition - well pleased however ---------the male ferrule is a VERY tight fit into the female only going in about 1/4'' before sticking didn't force it as I dont wont to break it or jam it in i 'think' somebody said the male...
  8. yardbent

    head varnish thinners

    is head varnish thinners just pure acetone....??? just bought some thinners - sure smells like it anyway if not - anyone use acetone as a varnish thinner..?
  9. yardbent

    a lucky offer

    i was looking at this split-cane rod on the auction site a Dalesman ''Arrowdale De-Luxe'' by Aspindale of Redditch.....2/1....... 8'-6'' I put in a low offer -- success....:thumbs: . my 2020 resolution is to fish more bamboo
  10. yardbent

    Aspindale rod catalogue

    does anyone have a link to any of 1..Aspindale rod catalogue 2...Aspindale rod history 3 Aspindale rod ''Arrowdale De-Luxe'' I've just acquired an Aspindale Dalesman ''Arrowdale De-Luxe''...2/1....... 8'-6'' :):):):):):)
  11. yardbent

    beautiful flies - but why barbed hooks.?

    I'm going to tie up some traditional wets and klinkhammer flies for 2020 so I've been watching many, many SBS videos on YouTube and here I wonder why they are predominantly on barbed hooks also watched wild fishing in Oz, Montana, NZ and shocked at the tearing and wrenching to the mouths =...
  12. yardbent

    feather ID please

    . is this a partridge...? . thanks
  13. yardbent

    J W Young ''Beaudex 4'' with Aircel DT-9-F

    . ***REDUCED*** a J W Young ''Beaudex reel 4'' with a Scientific Anglers ''Aircel Supreme'' DT-9-F line in good condition with original line guard setup for RHW but cage is drilled to convert line guard for LHW cleaned and lubed with Quantum 'Hot Sauce' £25 posted. Funds by Bank Transfer...
  14. yardbent

    WITHDRAWN ---anybody collect old reels.?

    [WITHDRAWN]...anybody collect old reels.? ************withdrawn*************
  15. yardbent

    WTB--- Koma spare Aluminium spools

    now only looking for 1.............thanks Vision Koma spare Aluminium spool - in Champagne colour only please . size 7/8 . .john
  16. yardbent

    sink tip floater or AIRFLO sinking leader

    I much prefer WF floating lines, and have a variety from #4 up to #8 usually using a WF-6-F from a boat I dont like pure sinkers.....:thumbsdown: do i buy new 15foot sink tips (from Maxcatch) or just add a 10ft sinking leader anyone got a sink tip - I imagine they will cast better..?
  17. yardbent

    who fishes SILK..?

    who amongst you still use silk lines..? if you answer (truthfully) your name will be entered in a free draw 31/12/2019 a la ''Readers Digest' letters .....:):):):)
  18. yardbent

    new scissors - again

    having been given a 'proper' magnifier/lamp setup, I decided to replace my cheapo eBay Chinese scissors budget = £15-20 Yes I've read all the scissor threads (groan) so have had some good suggestions. I have the most problems working at the head (cut thread, cut hackle etc) but; would you...
  19. yardbent

    HELP ***** ferrule loose on cane rod

    Herbert Hatton of Hereford 7'6'' 2/1 5wt whilst taking apart , the female ferrule pulled off still attached to the male . 1**the green thread appears to be a 'filler' - all dried out 2**there are 2 small slits in the ferrule base covered by the maroon thread. I can source more thread. 3**the...
  20. yardbent

    MAXCATCH Deliveries

    MAXCATCH Deliveries WF-6-F Gold ---- ordered and paid 03/11/19 DT-7-F ---- ordered and paid 03/11/19 both arrived today 18/11/19 .............very good service.! Customs Forms signed off as...... ''Fly line..US$1''....:whistle: Comments WF-6-F Gold has 2 loops - removed backing loop...