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  1. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub episode 8

    Here's the latest from Mr. Shrimpshrub, have a laugh for January!
  2. franticfisherman

    Guild Award Scheme - Beware!

    Probably about now many of us are hanging up our rods and turning our thoughts to fly dressing and filling our boxes with the latest killing patterns. When all that is done, you may be tempted to have a go at tying the Guild Award flies. This is what I did last winter, the Bronze level was...
  3. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub episode 7

    He's back after a long absence! Ignorant and self-centred as usual! Have a laugh for January:)
  4. franticfisherman

    Innit quiet!

    Its been very quiet on here recently, time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May your threads never snap and your wings never slip! :cheer2: Cheers frantic
  5. franticfisherman

    Ken Middlemist, last of the Hardy salmon fly dressers.

    Ken very kindly sent a couple of flies after he did a demo for the Northumbria branch last year. I thought you might like to see them. Top is a Thunder & Lightning, below it is The Kate. He ties entirely by hand without the aid of a vice. Nowadays, these fully dressed flies are tied for display...
  6. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 6, "On the River"

    Here is the latest episode of Mr. Shrimpshrub, have a smile for January...
  7. franticfisherman

    Electric outboard motor batteries

    For those of you who use electric outboards I'll bet you are as sick as me humping the huge and heavy leisure batteries around. If you are lucky they might last a day, if not you are rowing back to the jetty! When I get home and put an almost new 70Ah flattened battery on charge, I find it...
  8. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 5

  9. franticfisherman

    Nigel J Edmondson

    Hi all, an aquaintance has asked me if anyone has heard of the above fly tyer. He lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the 1980s. I know he tied fully dressed salmon flies because my aquaintance has a framed 'Jock Scott' showing all the stages of tying and a painting of the same on the reverse side...
  10. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 4

    He's back after a summer break! Selfish and thoughtless as usual. :)
  11. franticfisherman

    Merry Christmas!

    :joking: By heck, its quiet on here innit? Merry Christmas everybody!:)
  12. franticfisherman

    Northumbria Strikes Again!

    I am happy to announce that Northumbria branch member John Cowell has won the 'Prizewinners' class in the national competition for the third time in a row! :) I think it must be the Newcastle Brown Ale that reaches parts nothing else can :guinness: Not only that he also won the dry fly comp as...
  13. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 3

    Mr. Shrimpshrub - selfish and thoughtless as usual! (by frantic fisherman) [/IMG]
  14. franticfisherman

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, episode 2

    Mr. Shrimpshrub, foulmouthed, ignorant and selfish. The antithesis of Mr. Crabtree. Episode 2, now featuring Rex the dog!
  15. franticfisherman

    Excerpt from newsletter...

    Thought I would share this from the Northumbria branch newsletter. If you take a youngster fishing, don't be the antithesis of Mr. Crabtree or Mr. Prawnbush!
  16. franticfisherman

    Christmas is coming...

    Calling all fly-tyers...Don't forget that there are loads of varieties of tinsels around at this time of the year. I've seen big bags of shredded mylar tinsel in silver and gold for only £1 so don't forget to do some shopping for yourself! Happy shopping.:) ...Frantic
  17. franticfisherman

    Magnifying Lamps for Tying.

    Just thought I would give you folk a heads-up about The Daylight Company's range of lamps. I have had the D22030 magnifier lamp for about 5 years so when it packed up recently I e-mailed them and they told me I would need a new tube. I bought one but it didn't fix the fault so the circuit board...
  18. franticfisherman

    Have a chuckle at Christmas!

    View one of my latest videos here..... Love of the Flies - YouTube Warning - it has a somewhat adult theme! HO HO Merry Xmas frantic:goodcast: