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  1. monkey99

    First session on the Welsh Dee

    Fished my first session on the Dee today near Crogen. Managed 10 Grayling; a few pictires below. It was very windy and bright. Does the water always flow that fierce or is the river still showing the effects of the wet Winter.
  2. monkey99

    Wading on river Dee

    I'm thinking of applying to join Corwen and District Angling Club (Browns and Grayling). After having a bad experience on the glass rocks of the Irfon a year or so ago I'm a bit wary of wading. Could someone please advise me on the quality if the wading on the Corwen stretch of the Dee...
  3. monkey99

    Anglesey Fly Fishing

    Hi All, I've just moved to Anglesey and I'm looking for information about trout fisheries on the Island. There seems to be little in the way of river fishing but there are a some still waters identified on the web but the info seems a bit out of date. If anybody has any recent info or reports...
  4. monkey99

    Beaverdyke Yorkshire

    Time to renew subs to Yorkshire Anglers to fish Beaverdyke/John O'Gaunts. Any opinions on fishing quality, blue green algae, value for money etc to help me make my mind up whether to renew. Monkey