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  1. enigma309

    Yano, Phoenix & Terenzio Silk fly lines

    Another generous donation. Massive savings on new. More details on our Facebook page
  2. enigma309

    Let's Tackle Cancer Wristbands

    LTC wristbands are now available on ebay, buy 2 or 10, support the charity of your choice - LINK Thank you
  3. enigma309

    Framed Spiders

    “The three most Killing Spiders” - from W.C. Stewart´s 19th C book "The Practical Angler" – tied and framed by the famed Swedish fly tier Niklas Dahlin. Another generous donation by "Cumbrian" - this time also listed on Let's Tackle Cancer's Facebook page - LINK Bought at the BFFI a few years...
  4. enigma309

    Wm. Salter “Tribute” fly reel

    Wm. Salter “Tribute” reel Andy at Wm Salter & Grandson has made Let's Tackle Cancer another generous donation. The “Tribute” reel is a superb fly reel. It reflects tradition yet is a great example of modern manufacturing and engineering [made in England by Garry Mills] - includes leather...
  5. enigma309

    Let's Tackle Cancer Fleece

    My unworn "Let's Tackle Cancer" Fleece. These were the superb fleeces that Munro had made and feature in many LTC photos. Only unworn because it's too small for me. Described as Large - it has the following measurements - Chest - pit to pit 22/23" Sleeves - pit to cuff 21" Length - neck to...
  6. enigma309

    Link to Mayfly Raffle for LTC

    I hope nobody minds that I've put a copy of this into the LTC pages Great raffle of Mayflies organised by Flufchucker and tied by forum members - LINK Well done to all - hurry to get your tickets! Ends this Sunday.
  7. enigma309

    Black and white - What?

    Snap shot and cropped - in the thick fog this morning. Over the reservoir. What is it?
  8. enigma309

    Rig for vertical photos

    I'd like to be able to take some tripod shots looking vertically downwards. I've put the monopod tilt head on a tripod and that works, but I need to get further away from the tripod (6" more would do). Without buying another monopod head is there another (cheap) solution? Is there an extension...
  9. enigma309

    Techy question - red rash

    I took my old 40D out today. Got pretty close to various things. At first glance the pics looked OK (all shot in RAW) but when I looked closer (RAW & JPEG) there's a 'red rash' - see below. The lens appears to be clean What is/caused it? Full frame shot ~ in close ~ All help appreciated
  10. enigma309

    Angling Auctions gems

    Folks, your Valentines pressie list [Angling Auctions, 28th March] ~ How much will the White Wickham make?
  11. enigma309

    William Salter & Grandson - "Tribute" fly reel

    Andy and Garry have made it! Write up HERE
  12. enigma309

    Size matters, time flies

    On another thread here there was some discussion about camera size. It was said how tactile a modern DSLR was, how it fitted the hand and was fit for purpose. I agree, a big Canon dangles comfortably on the middle finger, and certainly feels the part. Yet - 30+ years ago I felt the same about an...
  13. enigma309

    Sigma EX Tele Converter 2X (Canon fit)

    Fund raising for 100-400 Mk2. Sigma EX APO 2X, Box, case, both end caps. £125 incl RMSD (UK) Some pics, including a couple taken using it today. It even finds dust . . . Cheers Brian
  14. enigma309

    Waterproof lens cover

    Just posted this elsewhere, worth sharing. Just bought waterproof lens cover and cap for 100-400, made in Yorkshire. Tried out yesterday - can't fault. They make for all sizes, cameras and lenses; different colours and camo. Cost - <£12 - PM me for direct email. Unsolicited recommendation.
  15. enigma309

    Gary Marshall 8' Cane Rod

    A slightly different approach to LTC fund raising. A great rod at a super price, and no waiting ~ Gary Marshall 8' 6wt Paul Young Para 15 taper | Vintage Fly Tackle and you can pay in pounds if you want :D
  16. enigma309

    Leica S2

    OK, so I'm fantasising . . . almost worth buying a lottery ticket thou' Anyone had an opportunity to play with one? (or own one??) Would love to hear comments. Similar size or perhaps smaller than a 1D, Leica quality, 37.5mp, weather sealed, blah, blah I only ask as I look in the Westley...
  17. enigma309

    Thirty thousand

    You've now raised over thirty thousand pounds for the LTC Cancer charities. The Macmillan advert says "Thanks" much more eloquently than any of us can ~ No one should face cancer alone, with your support no one will - YouTube You can donate on any of the following pages - LetsTackleCancer -...
  18. enigma309

    Macmillan supporters

    This is what you're contributing to ~ No one should face cancer alone - YouTube Be proud You don't have to have an excuse to make a donation - just do it ~ HERE
  19. enigma309

    For sale - 1912 check 3 1/8" Hardy Perfect

    Offering here, before going elsewhere. Selling for a friend, a highly collectable Hardy reel. Clean unbroken agate, tight action, minimally filed foot - a great user reel, small line burn Looking for £600 - (will consider swap for an original Hardy knife) Many more photos available. PM with...
  20. enigma309

    1000 words

    As they say . . . . . . [With thanks to twitter]