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  1. enigma309

    Almost Anything Goes

    Silk . . . (opportunism)
  2. enigma309

    Yano, Phoenix & Terenzio Silk fly lines

    Another generous donation. Massive savings on new. More details on our Facebook page
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    13ft Bill Drury double handed salmon fly rod (ends 10/7/16)

    ...... bump ..... :confused:
  4. enigma309

    Almost Anything Goes

    Something you don't see every day ~ .. and then it was gone -
  5. enigma309

    Hoping to identify reel maker

    Hi Daryl, I'm sure you've considered many of the possibles - Turnbull, Malloch, Heaton etc. The frame and foot are Dingley like, the handle Heaton/Allcock/early Youngs (1?) [and Salter's Tribute reel - perhaps Andy may have some input?] I've seen that check arrangement where the spring pivots...
  6. enigma309

    Hardy rod 1922

    That's a really odd number - most lists of 'C' numbered rods end at C25725, could it be 23...? Photos would be great. Hardy rod prices are all about the model, length and condition. It could well be a Fly Rod - the Raj liked their nice kit which reminded them of mummy's chalk stream back home ;-)
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    GUIDED DAY, JOHN TYZACK, grayling, pike or trout !!!

    Just a reminder that this great opportunity ends tomorrow; and the money goes to charity. Thanks.
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    Pete, PM me your address - you can have 5! :D
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    Let's Tackle Cancer Wristbands

    I hear rumours that folk are fishing and not wearing the wristbands! You know it increases your chances of catching, less chances of snagging and makes you sexually attractive (there are exceptions to the last one . . .T&Cs apply) :D Other uses for the bands ~ The zoom lock ring on these...
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    We now have a very generous bid of £501 via Facebook - LINK It is for 2 rods - get plotting!
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    Framed Spiders

    Congratulations and thanks Wayne - it's yours. Enjoy!
  12. enigma309

    Framed Spiders

    Last few days ...
  13. enigma309

    Framed Spiders

    ... bump ...
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    Let's Tackle Cancer Wristbands

    LTC wristbands are now available on ebay, buy 2 or 10, support the charity of your choice - LINK Thank you
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    Framed Spiders

    “The three most Killing Spiders” - from W.C. Stewart´s 19th C book "The Practical Angler" – tied and framed by the famed Swedish fly tier Niklas Dahlin. Another generous donation by "Cumbrian" - this time also listed on Let's Tackle Cancer's Facebook page - LINK Bought at the BFFI a few years...
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    Wm. Salter “Tribute” fly reel

    .... bump; in the home straight now lads/ladies. Excellent cause + brilliant reel . . . go for it
  17. enigma309

    LTC raffle number 3

    LTC Facebook Great work folks
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    Wm. Salter “Tribute” fly reel

    Wm. Salter “Tribute” reel Andy at Wm Salter & Grandson has made Let's Tackle Cancer another generous donation. The “Tribute” reel is a superb fly reel. It reflects tradition yet is a great example of modern manufacturing and engineering [made in England by Garry Mills] - includes leather...
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    Let's Tackle Cancer Fleece

    Bump ... ends this Sunday - midnight
  20. enigma309

    Hardy rod serial numbers

    That's correct Russ - one rod, one number