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    River Calder, lancs - is this pollution?

    Not sure if I should report it as i'm no expert but arrived at the Hyndburn & Blackburn AA Dunkirk Farm stretch today and noticed a blue'ish tinge to the water. Then a half mile or so upstream where syke side brook entered the river it was like blue dirty water being poured into the calder. Does...
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    New boots?

    Hi all, The complete boot sole (rubber and felt combined!) decided to part company with my Scierra boots recently and I've been searching around recently. I've narrowed my search down to either Guideline Laxa or Vision Loikka, both felt sole. Any recommendations for either? Thanks Don
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    PAA Rivers

    Hi Will be spending a couple of days around Penrith in a few weeks and have access to all Penrith Anglers waters. Any recommendations on stretches/rivers/brooks would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Can't decide. Help!

    Hi All, Have the usual wading jacket but looking for a packable (I have seen the other threads) but don't want to spend a lot on something that will only be pulled out the bag on sunny days when there is a temporary downpour. I'm a 44" chest in suit jackets etc and given many are common sizes...
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    Guideline Wading Staff. Help!

    Hi All, my new Guideline wading staff arrived yesterday and when I took it out of the sheath, it automatically extended as expected. I then extended it and its rigid. Great. Only thing is, I can't get the bloody thing to collapse again. Anyone got one of these that can share a few ideas...
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    Faster action rods and lines designed to be a half weight heavier??

    Hi All, I'm a little confused as to why there is so much focus on the lines supposedly designed for faster actioned rods by being a half weight heavier. The choice isn't quite the same as standard lines. Would it not just make more sense to try your favourite line but in 1 weight heavier...
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    Anyone know if the Penrith AA waters are fishable at the moment or are they still too high? Thanks
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    Hi All Anyone know how many members there are in RADAC? Just wondering it its worth joining as I don't want to fish waters which are too busy. Also, as a game fisherman I noticed they have quite a lot of coarse water. Are their waters good game waters? Thanks
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    Angling Direct

    Wife bougt me a voucher to use at Angling Direct but when I look at their website there isn't a great deal of game gear on there. Anyone know if the actual store - Wigan being the closest - is any different? Thanks :thumbs:
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    Fortis Sunglasses?

    Been looking at getting a half decent pair of sunglasses and came across Fortis Switch and also the Vistas. Anyone tried either of these? Thanks Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Fishing Tackle Nicked!

    Sometime during the small hours our car and garage (in Ansdell, FY8) were broken into and a lot of my fishing gear has gone. Things that annoy me the most are a couple of double sided wooden fly boxes full of flies and about 6 double sided plastic boxes with devons, flying Cs, Tobys and savage...
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    Shakespeare Agility vs Agility Rise?

    Hi Bought a 9' #5 Agility off the net and was sent the 9' #5 Agility Rise by mistake. Seller has apologised and offered to exchange but before I do that, I just wondered what the differences are. Plan to use for river fishing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.