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    Glede's tail salmon fly

    I have been asked to tie some salmon flies using some Kite feathers procured from a sanctuary where feathers were just laying around, a magazine article is being written with regard to flies containg Kite feathers. The Kite in Scotland was also known as a 'Gled' and a whole series of flies were...
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    First Swallow

    I saw my first swallows of 2016 this morning on the reservoirs at the back my house, and last week on 31st March my first sand martins. A chiffchaff has also arrived and is singing loudly trying to attract a mate and at the moment isn't having much look. The first nesting lapwing of the year has...
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    Early this morning on the nature reserve to the rear of my house just as the sun was rising I saw my first flock of redwings this autumn about 150 strong and over the next 20 minutes saw about a dozen more but smaller flocks. I normally see my first redwings and fieldfare whilst out salmon...
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    French nymphing coloured water

    On Sunday just gone I went out for a final days trout fishing and decided to stay local and went on the river Hodder just above Bashall Eaves. On my arrival at the first pool I sat for a while and had a good look round seeing what insects were hatching and flying around and if there was anything...
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    Stainless steel needle tubes

    Over the weekend I just about used up all of my stainless steel needle tubing for making ultra slim tube flies. I was given the tubing by a friend who I believe got it from Grays of Kilsyth which I have to admit really are excellent and have tied a number of sea trout tubes which I have done...
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    Spring migrants

    With the unusually cold spring migrants have been slow to arrive although I did see a pair of Little Ringed Plovers on Wednesday 10th April and heard my first ChiffChaff on 2nd April. Early on this morning I saw a small flock of Sandmartins and a single Swalllow on Grimsargh Reservoirs near...
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    First Butterfly 2013

    At noon on Wednesday 6th March 2013 I saw movement on the South East bank of a reservoir to the rear of my house just outside Preston in Lancashire. I stopped and scanned the banking and saw my first butterfly of 2013. The day was sunny and had a little heat out of the wind that must have awoken...
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    Vale of Loud branch FDG

    The first meeting of The Vale of Loud branch of the Fly Dressers Guild is at 1930 hours on Monday 1st October 2012, at the Derby Arms, Thornley Nr. Longridge. Tony Riley will be demonstrating and talking about river flies. JohnClayton
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    Grannom on the Ribble

    On Saturday 17th March 2012 whilst spring trout fishing near Gisburn I was surprised to see about half a dozen Grannom [Brachycentrus subnubilis] one of which I caught and examined. I have never seen them so early in the year although speaking to friend they also put in an appearance on the...
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    Kola Peninsula

    A friend has asked me to tie him a selection of flies for a forthcoming trip to The Kola Peninsula in late May this year. He has given me a list of flies as recommended but is unsure if they should be doubles or tubes. Can anyone assist JohnClayton
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    Streamer hooks

    I am trying to locate some Partridge CS15 Carrie Stevens Streamer hooks to tie a range of streamer patterns. Can anyone assist
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    Greeting to all

    I joined the forum yesterday on recommendation from a friend. I fly fish for trout, sea trout, salmon and grayling although not necessarily in that order mostly in north west england.:) I also enjoy long trotting with a centrepin for grayling in the winter and occasionally for barbel and chub. I...