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  1. lestr27

    Spare tip Greys GRXI 7’6 #4

    Managed to break the tip on my greys GRXI 7’6 #4 rod, I know it’s a long shot but does anyone happen to have or know where I may be able to find a replacement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. lestr27

    Isle of Skye - sea trout - upper Milovaig

    Can anybody give me any advice on the Isle of Skye. I am hoping to have a go at catching some sea trout on the fly. I believe loch Pooltiel is meant to be quite good. I have only fished small stillwaters and a couple of smaller reservoirs so no experience wading or saltwater flyfishing. Any...
  3. lestr27

    Dever springs

    Hey guys Any tips on tactics and flies to use at Dever hoping for a PB Do they allow boobies there, can’t see anything said on the website, will ask on the day but trying to prepare Any infor greatly received Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. lestr27

    Tiger fish

    I am going to try my luck on the lower Zambezi ( mongwe, Zimbabwe ) for tiger in December. Whilst an avid trout fisherman haven't really tried this before. I have recently acquired a 9ft 8wt rod which I think will be up to the task and matched it with a greys GTS700 with 9wt line. Has anybody...
  5. lestr27

    Trout stockists

    Can anyone advise me on trout stockists who will supply to Fife, I am looking at possibly stocking an approx 1 acre lake and wanted to look at costs etc Any help greatly appreciated
  6. lestr27

    Fly fishing in Fife

    I wonder if anybody could offer me some advice, I am visiting friends in Fife and have come to realise there is some amazing fishing to be had here. I am a keen trout fisherman but have never had a go at salmon fishing. Please can you offer me any advice on where to go and how to go about...