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    First try at north country flies

    Please critic these flys as I have just started having a go at you can see in the last photo they are not what I normally tie or fish
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    Daiwa speyrod line recommendations

    I was gifted a Daiwa Lockmor -z 15010 15' speyrod for a #9 or ten line. These rod where never sold in the U.S. so there is very little information on them . The rod is much slower in action than the sages I normally use so I'm looking for a more traditional line than say a Skagit style short...
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    skagit / Sauk rivers ,Swinging for steel

    Cold & wet on the river today,
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    poisonous Adder snakes

    How common are they in the U.K. ?
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    north country flies

    Is there a brand & model of barbless hooks preferred for these style of flies ?
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    Spade end hooks

    Many years ago I bought a bunch of spade end hooks for bait fishing, well I don't bait fish anymore. Are the any fly tiers that tie on this type of hook ?
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    North country fly pattern book

    Any suggestions of a decent book on this subject
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    Spey casts

    Do you fellas use snap - t , perry poke & snake roll casts for salmon fishing with two handed speyrods or just double & single Spey cast ? Are skagit lines popular ?
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    Bad news for pacific coastal salmon
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    spigot ferrules

    I have a Daiwa speyrod built in Scotland that was given to me ,The handle & second section do not mate up correctly there is a 1 1/2 inch gap of the male spigot showing . do I dare sand this to fit ? I can see no damage of the female ferrule to explain the poor fit. Any suggestions as to what...
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    Barrio switch rod line

    I'm in the market for a new switch rod line & like the looks of the Barrio lines taper. Any comments on the quality of these lines as they are not common in the States
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    Tires are bad for fish