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    Greys Gr70 Streamflex opinions

    I actually have 3 Streamflex's Original in a 9' 4# XF2 in 10' 3# XF2 in 10' 5# The 3/4 weights are my general river rods, the 5# I use for still water dries, esp CDC where I hope to pick the fly off the surface quickly when recasting. I find they are softish rods, what I suggest you need for...
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    Tying pike flies - messy?

    Is it me or do you find tying pike flies or streamers of that ilk messy? I've just started tying a few over the last month and the long lengths of synthetic and flash seem to end up everywhere, carried on my clothes to every corner of every room in the house! Tidy tying tips welcome...
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    Red Jelly maggots?

    There's all manner of soft plastic baits that can, arguably, be put on a hook and cast with a fly rod...
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    Pet hates in fly tying

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    Pheasant Tail Phloater

    Excellent craftwork. Have you given them a swim yet? I've experimented with foam thorax's like that but generally slow sinkers rather than floaters - nevertheless quite effective.
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    Pet hates in fly tying

    Cannot disprove if it compromises otherwise, but long tails on nymphs really get my goat, especially PTN's and similar. Why tie on, say, a 14 or 16 then make the tails as long as the whole fly if not longer... That's just my pet hate, what's yours?
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    Furled Leader and drag

    Interesting, I once had a guided day with Gwilym Hughes (there's a name drop) on the Welsh Dee of course. He hated furled or tapered leaders as the turnover was "way too good for river fishing". Increase your parallel leader length, OK maybe one step down in diameter along the way, and let it...
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    Haul a Roll.

    Good points and good advice. As stated I am only just starting out on this pike fly journey. Its never always that convenient to choose the section, especially with the current lockdown. Luckily my canal is within walking distance. Most journeys I have are with the wind direction thus far, L-R...
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    Haul a Roll.

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    Haul a Roll.

    I've just started pike fly fishing my local canal, the Shropshire Union which is a pretty narrow canal. Observations thus far regarding casting with no back space: If the canal is relatively shallow then use a floater - with a 20lb flouro leader and wire your fly should get down. If there is...
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    Greys Streamflex Mk1

    Pre 2010 I'd say as then when I bought my first - a 9' #4. Still use it and love it...
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    Shipman's buzzer

    Lovely craftwork philm. I too adore a Shipmans. Perfect balance for me in a 16 when around stillwater midge takers is for it to just float; if no takes quick pull to make it sink slow; if still no takes, strip back as fast as possible - I kid you not! Weather and Boris forecast - they could be...
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    First pike, first fly

    Keep it to yourself 😉 but these work on a fly rod for perch when fishing the canal. Dead slow on a grub or jig hook with point up and use a leader that sinks to pull the soft plastic down Any...
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    First pike, first fly

    Oh no, it was the jackest of canal jacks. Nevertheless, it was the target species and you have to start somewhere.
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    First pike, first fly

    Well, absolutely buzzing.... Caught my first pike on the fly using the first pike fly I have ever tied, pattern based on Paul Monaghan's fuzzy minnow, last night. Also caught within 50m as the crow flies from home. Must say I am lucky enough to shut the PC down at 4.30 then go and spend an hour...
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    About to appear at a stillwater near you?

    Guide to fish health | Argulus (fish louse) | Canal & River Trust I can think of a few places who may start planting plastic pipe...
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    Lawfully good fish quiz

    I thought was interesting. 7/10 is a good score, I got 6!
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    Predator fishing in the Netherlands

    Thanks R, Just what I wanted to hear...
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    Dry fly hook strength

    In the UK and for dry flies I'd suggest that because we use a bigger fly it doesn't necessarily mean we catch a bigger fish. With that in mind don't discount small flies in a size 16 using the most ubiquitous Kamasan B100 or B170. Small hooks in my experience tend to hook hold using a higher...
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    Predator fishing in the Netherlands

    Whilst in lockdown and the fact that with the Welsh border's being closed I've found that West Cheshire is actually a fly fishing desert. I have the Shopshire Union Canal a literal stones throw away so I've discovered Street/Urban fishing - basically small lure fishing with soft plastics and a...