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  1. A. Fluker

    Gray Wulff (variant)

    Nice looking fly and well tyed. :)
  2. A. Fluker

    Compara/sparkle-dun hair?

    You could have a word with Blue Ribbon Flies.......... Blue Ribbon Flies They sell two different sorts depending on hook size. ;)
  3. A. Fluker

    What do you recomend as a replacement...

    Agree with Chelsea123, why not buy another Odyssey if you are happy with them? :)
  4. A. Fluker

    Bronze Mallard

    Agreed Lathkill are very good. In answer to your question - quite a few. ;)
  5. A. Fluker

    Rivers on the Edge - abstraction

    Yep that is the Mim Ram doing a bit better than the Beane and the Ver perhaps we ought to have a Utube production with voice over from CRW to highlight those two rivers. :(
  6. A. Fluker

    Salisbury & District Angling Club Waiting list

    That's good news but I don't know how many times I can apply.
  7. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    I like the shine on the Turral's bodies and I really liked the CDC version my friend sent me last year. So it seems the bouyancy business has been sorted now as the flies recieved last year were floating for not very long. :)
  8. A. Fluker

    Disasters during fly tying.

    A lot of eperiences so far are echoed in my disasters particularly the rough skin and the hook spillage. But the one area that des bug me is the bead pinging. There must be scores on the carpet buried forever OK it's not the 3mm ones its the 1.5mm ones that are never seen again. :)
  9. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    Coming from such a distinguished angler as yourself I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for your feedback and trust you are well :)
  10. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    The Tube Bodiz have arrived today and am impressed with the colour, the texture and the anility to be tied to a hook without too much bulk. Because they are hollow they weigh next to nothing and can be cut down to match size. They take a permanent marker and now the two things that are left in...
  11. A. Fluker

    Aston Villa Mascot refuses to shake hands

    Aston Villa Mascot Refuses Handshake - YouTube :eek: Spose it should go in other hobbies although the theme is more the handshake that didn't take place.
  12. A. Fluker

    Soccer can be a hard game for girls

    Why women shouldn't play football - YouTube :eek:
  13. A. Fluker

    bad wife / orkney

    Are you kidding? :rolleyes:
  14. A. Fluker

    Good service from Game Fishing Supples!

    Re: Poor service from Game Fishing Supples! Pick up the phone. I've got a ten pence coin as a bet with you that says you'll have your goods next week if not before. ;)
  15. A. Fluker

    Dodgy Football Grounds

  16. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    Thanks for the offers of free samples lads I have already taken the liberty of ordering some. Controlled by Google I must remember to look up FFT and Deer Creek in future on-line searches. Had a look at the Turrall latex body last year on some super looking CDC mayflies a mate sent me...
  17. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    Arkle you like tying Mayfly patterns how do you get on with this stuff? Haven't got a problem with dealing with Deer Creek.
  18. A. Fluker

    Rainy's Hex Mayfly Tube Bodiz

    Wondering whether to persue a purchase as the 'Creamy Danica'. The product is sold out at a couple of online stores in the UK or stick to traditional body methods? Rainys Flies & Supplies - TB Hex Mayfly Anyone have first hand knowledge of these be grateful to hear. Cheers :)
  19. A. Fluker

    bored help

    Read a fishing book seems an obvious reply. Plan a fishing trip either home or away for this year or the next. Enjoy the rest and best wishes for a speedy recovery. :)
  20. A. Fluker

    Sweeney Todd

    What a a great pattern. Can remember having a great day at Church Hill Farm fishing with them. :)