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  1. scoobyscott

    Articulated flies

    Hi guys I'm looking to tie some articulated flies for trout. I've phoned round all my local shops and none of them sell the articulated shanks. Could I use wadington shanks? I've only seen them when they've popped up on eBay searches for the fish skull shanks. As usual I've left it all to the...
  2. scoobyscott

    Wanted flextec streamtec 10' #3

    Hi guys as the title looking for a flextec streamtec in good condition so if you have one that is sitting collecting dust let me know thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. scoobyscott


    Picked up some materials after work to tie some bugs/ nymphs. Does anyone know how to use tungsten sheet I thought it would be sticky backed like lead foil but it's not? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. scoobyscott

    lost box blairgowrie

    Hi guys was fishing the Ericht at Blairgowrie last night and have lost my box of flies. Its a wychwood full of tungsten bugs one side and muddlers on the other. If anyone fishes up here could you keep an eye out for it. I was at the bottom of the beat at west grange. A longshot I know, thanks...
  5. scoobyscott


    Tied these up tonight using mink instead of rabbit 'cos that's all I had (dry) (wet) Anyone used these?
  6. scoobyscott

    Cdc Olive

    Tied a batch of these up for a swap elsewhere Sorry about the pic :o Sent from my GT-S5830i using Tapatalk 2
  7. scoobyscott

    Foam dun

    Knocked this up in 2 mins after finding it on YouTube Sent from my GT-S5830i using Tapatalk 2
  8. scoobyscott

    picture help

    Not sure if this is the right section, apologies if not. I know how to post pics but the last time I tried it wouldn't let me. I think my album is full as the bar was all red. Can't see an option delete photos in my albums. Any help please?
  9. scoobyscott

    wading boot studs

    Hi got a pair of bison felt sold boots for xmas. They have tiny studs on them and came with 10 screw in studs in the box. Question is where should I put the screw in studs eg. the layout? 2 in the heel and a triangle in the fore foot. Any help appreciated cheers
  10. scoobyscott

    grxi + rod alternatives

    as the title suggests Im looking at maybe getting a new river rod and like the idea of the grey with extension peice to cover all bases. It gets great reviews but at £270ish is more than i want to pay. So is there any cheaper alternatives that are as good and can quickly adapt lengths. Thanks
  11. scoobyscott

    trout/grayling fishing break where?

    Hi folks, Im looking for suggestions, ideally first hand experience. A mate and I are planning on going away for 4-7 days fishing rivers for trout grayling. Here's the catch though our budget is £500 pp. I fancied Iceland but now realise that ain't possible so was thinking Czech Rep./Bosnia etc...
  12. scoobyscott

    Duracell fly??

    Looking for the dressing for the above, pretty sure it was called the duracell.Basically a purple nymph on a jig hook anyone know of it? cheers
  13. scoobyscott

    Usd ldo

    Tried tying some upside down duns, not as tricky as they look Have any of you fished these? I've read they have a **** hook up rate but they dinnae half look the part :omg:
  14. scoobyscott

    homemade badger?

    Probably being a bit daft but I want to tie some grey dusters but don't have badger tackles. Now here's the silly bit, I have whiting 100s in white. Will I get away with running hblack sharpie down the stem of the feather??:eek::omg:
  15. scoobyscott


    Does anyone know who has this in stock? thanks
  16. scoobyscott

    First weave

    Got Ollie Edwards woven flies dvd a while back and finally got round to watching some of it last night. Tied this emerging sedge afterwards bit time consuming but pleased with the results. Need to get some descent colours of floss as this was all I had. All comments welcome, thanks for looking
  17. scoobyscott

    Some for Fort William

    Going up next week so tied a few flies thanks for looking
  18. scoobyscott

    sculpin wool

    Going to try knocking up a sculpin tonight with the above but wondered how you use it? Any pointers gratefully received cheers
  19. scoobyscott

    stroft what knot?

    what knot do you guys use with stroft abr? I tried a half blood but it slipped so tucked it and seemed to do the job. Thanks
  20. scoobyscott

    For opening day

    Tied these last night as its the first day of the season on the Tweed :D Ever the optimist... Blatant copies of Craigies excelent flies hopefully the troot will like. Thanks for looking