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  1. eddleston123

    Paw Prints

    Found a few of these on the banks, as I was fishing today. 3'' x 2'' so a fair size - I did have a better pic (with my reel up against it), but unfortunately managed to delete it. There's no cattle on this side of the bank, or sheep - I don't think it's a deer or a fox and it's a bit too...
  2. eddleston123

    From drought to deluge!

    A couple of days ago, the rivers/streams in my area were on the bones of their ar@e. Today, they are thundering down, hopefully washing away all the sludge and wakening the trout up. It's amazing what a couple of days will do - Nothing subtle about the weather systems in this country, every...
  3. eddleston123

    Mono Sell by Date!

    I'm sure that this has maybe been discussed before. Today, I was making up a leader with mono I had purchased on line last year. I gave it a firm pull and it snapped. I went down the spool a bit and tested another part. It also broke under little pressure. It seemed to me that the mono was...
  4. eddleston123

    Copper Johns

    Not a fly/nymph I hear talked about much. Does it sink as fast as a tungsten nymph. I've never fished with these, so any info would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot. Douglas
  5. eddleston123

    Modest fish - Made big!

    I cleared out a lot of old magazines the other day and couldn't resist flicking through a few as I done so. Why is it that anglers feels that it is compulsory to push a fish towards the camera with outstretched arms to make it look enormous. It may not be the best practise, but I would much...
  6. eddleston123

    Pimp Indicators

    Yesterday when fishing, I lost 3 pimp indicators. Is there any 'special' way of attaching these things. I simply put my mono into the slot and wrapped it around the rubber tubing. Am I doing something wrong here - It's not a big deal, but perhaps there's a better way! Douglas
  7. eddleston123

    Rivers Raging

    Just can't seem to get it right. The rivers, either too low, The temperatures are too cold (for me anyway) or the rivers are raging down. It will soon be too late to cast a line for grayling. Today, was perfect, other than the fact the river was still hammering down. Tomorrow, I thought, the...
  8. eddleston123

    One piece rods

    As the title suggests, has anyone out there actually owned or indeed cast with a one piece rod. If so, is it more of a 'fluid action' experience as compared to a multi piece job. I suppose, if they came back into vogue, then it would be good to simply take it off the roof of your car, walk...
  9. eddleston123

    What is fishing to you?

    I'm sure fishing must mean a thousand and one things to all different people. There is so many aspects of the sport. I mainly enjoy fishing running waters, and occasionally stocked fisheries, but I probably gain most pleasure by fishing a modest size stream, flicking a dry fly into all the...
  10. eddleston123

    Trout and Salmon - Trout Fisherman

    It's been a good few months now since Trout and Salmon have incorporated Trout Fisherman within their magazine. Has it worked - What do you think? Douglas
  11. eddleston123

    How long do lines last

    I have found a fly line - still in box - unused - can't remember when I bought it probably 5-6 years ago. Should this still be in reasonable nick, or will it be less supple than a brand new one. Any thoughts. Douglas ps it's a Hardy Line and has a sticker £59. on the box Douglas
  12. eddleston123

    Scottish Lockdown

    I've now stored my fishing tackle away for a bit (again) I'll just stay in the hoose and do some decorating and chores! Hopefully everyone else will adhere to the new rules. I was looking for an exception to the rules which said 'grayling fishing allowed' no such luck. Douglas
  13. eddleston123

    Cold threshold !

    I was watching another angler on the Tweed this morning. It was -1 degrees. He didn't seem to be particularly well clad - didn't have any gloves. Later on (early afternoon) he was still there. Now I can tell you that I, personally wouldn't venture out unless it was at least around 6 degrees...
  14. eddleston123

    Cost of Permits

    It would just be interesting to know how much 'your' trout fishing costs a year. I suspect it is dearer for those south of the border, but I don't really know. My permit costs for a year (5 season permits) for wild brownies cost £165, which I suspect is very cheap compared to waters that stock...
  15. eddleston123

    Fishing Permit.

    It only occurred to me this morning that the only two places that would be able to sell me my Tweed season ticket would be closed on boxing day for some three weeks. One was Castle Warehouse (Peebles) and the other The Tontine Hotel (Peebles). I went down to the Tontine Hotel and purchased my...
  16. eddleston123

    Fishing Ambitions 2021

    Covid allowing - what are your ambitions for 2021. I am hoping to do a lot more nymphing and expand my knowledge and expertise on this mode of trouting. The problem I have is that if I see one fish break the surface - then a dry fly goes on! I need to man up a bit a fish a bit longer - my...
  17. eddleston123

    Measuring fish

    For those of you who measure your catch (as opposed to weighing) how do you do it. I have a tape measure on my wading staff, although this is sometimes a bit awkward. Does anyone out there have a measure on the first section of their rod, and if so, does this work o.k. Maybe there is other...
  18. eddleston123

    How long can you last !

    I am referring to the average amount of time that you spend during a fishing session. I know anglers who spend 10 hours during a session. personally, I am comfortable with 3-4 hours max. Having said that, am I right in saying that fishing from a boat is less tiresome than trudging several...
  19. eddleston123

    Children's metal detectors

    ///////////// - Posted in wrong section. Douglas
  20. eddleston123

    In the nick of time!

    Just took delivery of a new rod today - The delivery man was just away, when my wife came round the corner. Managed too hide it in my wardrobe just in the nick of time! Not an expensive rod by any means - it was a Wychwood Drift 11' 3# purchased from Uttings - rrrp £135 - their price £99...