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    Replace net .

    I have a wooden scoop net and I want to change the net to a rubber one. What chord do I need to attach the new net bag please?
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    Haul a Roll.

    I fish for pikevon my local canal and like most canals there is limited back cast and apart from casting parallel to the canal the only option is to roll cast. Is it possible to put a haul into a roll cast to increase distance?
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    Shield bug

    Seems to be more of these than usual this year in my garden.
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    How to align rings

    I am doing a rebuild/ mod on a very light bait casting rod. The tip is just 1mm. I am using single leg rings raging from 2mm to 6mm. I am struggling to get the eyes in line as the eye keeps rolling round the blank. I am using a thin piece of masking tape to hold the ring in place. Amy tips...
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    Copolymer line

    Ok I am looking for some copolymer line but not for fly fishing. It is for light lure fishing with a baitcaster. I see there are quite a few brands designed for fly fishing so looking for some info. The qualities I am looking for are 4lb breaking strain. It ideally need s good knot strength...
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    SKB Scimiter re

    I have been given a skb Scimiter reel and am going to replace the bearings. However when I dismantled the bearing and spacer landed on the floor so I am not sure what order they go in. If anyone has one and knows can you let me know. Thanks.
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    Dubbing loop extreme.

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    One for the salt may be.
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    Winged Stewart's spider.

    Something different for me. B160 size 14. Winged Stewart's Spider. Sorry about the photo quality.
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    Bucktail Deceiver

    Trying new things for me at least with bucktail. A basic hollow tie with some hackles in the tail. To give height I have used a Bob Popovics technique tying some short hair in-between a reverse tie. They are the grey an orange. Real jungle cock eyes as I have no fakes.��
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    Bucktail deceivers. Brownish one is hollow tie.
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    Rainbow trout

    Well it is trout related.
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    An England fly

    AS it says in the title. :D:D:D
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    Game changer

    Game Changer for Pike. Home made brush and links.
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    Lincoln Roach

    It will soon be time for the big predators.
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    Ginger Cruncher

    Size 14 ginger cruncher. Ginger tail and hen hackle. Body is a redish pheasant fibre with fine copper wire.
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    Dawsons Buford.

    You will need a sinking line. There is a pike fly called the Buford. It has a Bucktail spun head not too tightly packed. When fished the head creates and erratic swimming action. I have tried to miniaturise the design on a size 10 hook. A sort of Dawsons Buford.
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    More body Quill

    Another play with the Hends body quill. this time on a nymph. Coq de Leon fibres for the tail. quill body coated in Solarez uv resin. Thorax squirrel and thorax cover is peasant tail fibres coated with resin.
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    Hends body quill.

    Hends body quill suspender buzzer. Solarez uv resin used to protect the quill.. Thorax is Andrews squirrel dub.
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    Bucktail and Nayat

    I have some Partridge Absolute predator hooks size 6/0. Now these are huge hooks. I first saw Jo Stephenson use these at the Flyfest at Reghead back in I think 2016. She tied a fly she called the Pike Tamer. This is my variation and incorporating Nayat techniques at the head as per Paul...